Honduras Preteen Has Been Busy

Amidst continuing work on the driveway for the Honduras base, the team had a weekend full of great opportunities! Friday we visited a zoo nearby which is abounding with big cats, camels and hippos. It was a very fun sightseeing day for the whole team, and so interesting to experience a zoo outside the US. Nala and Alyssa got especially close to the giraffes, and Abi loved the white tigers!  The next day, Saturday, we did a half day of work and then cleaned up and went into downtown Santa Cruz for evangelism. There is a nice town square where residents can hang out, so we took our balloons, Gospel coins, tracts and drama props there. The team started out making balloon animals for the kids in the square; Nikki, Alyssa, Leah, Kaitlyn, Rachel, Nala, Abi, Joshua, Jonathan and Christopher all did a great job and really enjoyed making the balloon animals and the kids in the square were so excited to receive them! Every team member then passed out some Gospel coins and tracts to the children and parents there. Everyone was very receptive to both the coins and the tracts. Once a large enough crowd gathered, Joshua, Kaitlyn, Abi, Christopher, and Nikki performed the drama “colors”, which is an enactment to music using the colors of the Wordless Book. We learned the drama during Boot Camp and performed to a Spanish version here. The team members did a great job and the crowd really enjoyed it! It was a very encouraging experience. Today, Sunday, we visited a church in Santa Cruz on what happened to be their Mission Conference day. They were raising money to send a family from their congregation to live as missionaries in Vietnam! It was very exciting to see how God is working in the church and using the church around the world to accomplish His work! We are looking forward to finishing our work this week and some other wonderful opportunities for evangelism in the public schools. A couple testimonies and pics will follow this:

The zoo was pretty fun. Some of the team members got to pet the giraffe. There were lots of big cats. I really liked the white tigers and the peacocks. There were also small deer, along with spider monkeys and baboons. There were also small fox-like creatures that I don’t know the names of. All in all, the zoo was fun! – Rachel B.

The first reason why I liked the church I went to today was because there were a lot of plays. The second reason why I liked the church was because there were songs that we knew in English when they sang it in Spanish. Finally, the third reason is because they have us fooooood at the end. We got tacos and sprite! Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable experience. – Kaitlyn H.

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