Never A Dull Moment In Kenya

All around us, we are seeing projects come to completion on the farm! Knowing that we are helping such an amazing ministry become self-sufficient has been making the work go by quickly and enjoyably. So far, the team has finished weeding a corn field, building a raised pad for a water tank, and surrounded a garden with a sturdy fence. Our dorm foundation is well under way, too! We have the footer completely dug and ready to pour with concrete tomorrow after we fill it with rocks and sand. Digging the footer proved to be a bit of a challenge for us, as a few kids broke our layout string with their shovels. When they finally figured out a method of digging to leave the string alone, we had cows walk right through it! Nevertheless, the team has proven to be resilient and hard working at whatever tasks are asked of them.

On Friday, we worked half a day and walked to a local all girls high school in the afternoon. We performed two dramas and sang a few songs as well. We were shocked to find out that the number of students was around 700 girls! All of the team members feasted on fried bread and tea at the end of the program. I think it’s safe to say that afternoon was the highlight of their entire week. 

Church wasn’t quite the same experience as last Sunday… 10 churches came together in an open field to honor a few girls who were going to Europe for college. The service was going for 4 hours and showed no sign of ending anytime soon. We took a break for lunch at 2:30pm and were thankful to find out that we could return to the farm, rather than rejoin the service. Who knows how long it would have lasted had we stayed!

A few of our consistent prayer requests have been: for head colds to go away, for less rain (laundry “drying” on the line is difficult), and for energy to finish the summer strong.

A few praises have been: That we found a convenience store close by for the team to buy soda and candy, that they are building relationships with the street children, and for the Lord’s continual protection.

From the team:

Emma F.- My favorite part of Kenya so far as been getting to know the locals and seeing how friendly they are! Going to the schools has been amazing. The cold weather is SO nice and time has been going by really fast.

Kacey C.- Experiencing the new culture here and meeting the people has been incredible. They are so welcoming and friendly. I love playing with the kids. The food here is great too. I would love to come back someday.

Liam B.- Kenya has been really good so far. The local food is amazing! My favorite dish is the rice and fried potatoes. I like playing football (soccer) with the kids on the farm. 


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