Thailand And Their Ton Of Pictures

As we head back to work this morning, everyone is a little tired from the busy past few days. On Friday, we went to three schools and did at least an hour presentation at each school! They included puppets, songs, dramas, and playing games with the students. A local pastor set up the presentations, and the church provided lunch for us. It was a long day, but went very well. Richard and Gina Barber came Friday evening and on Saturday we went to Pha Taem National Park. It goes along the Mekong River with Laos on the other side. Though it is rainy season, it has been pretty dry so the waterfalls were small. We enjoyed a picnic by the river. Following a long day of riding (about 1.5 hours to get there) and hiking about four km, we were ready to head back. We stopped on the way for a nice Thai meal before arriving back to our base. Sunday was a busy day also as we went to a church in Ubon (the pastor was the one who set up the school presentations), and enjoyed fellowship with them. They provided lunch, then we spent a few hours with the youth from their church and another church. It was fun to watch everyone together, even though they couldn’t always understand each other! We also stopped at a night market just as a huge rain came through. This caused a lot of vendors to close down, so only food was left. We arrived back home exhausted, but all enjoyed the day. We are working this week to get most of the paining done. We don’t have many days left here and want to see the project finished. Thursday and Friday we are supposed to go to help a church pour the floor to their new building. This week starts the beginning of the Buddhist Lent and things will be shut down for a few days. They have a candle festival which can last a few days. The ice cream man comes by around 5 PM each day and is well supplied! Overall, we have been healthy. We had a few with in the sick tent today, but sleep has done them wonders! We really do have a wonderful group of teens who really reach out to each other and the people here.

Thanks for your continued prayers for the team. We can feel them as we minister in this Buddhist country.


We’ve done a lot of paining so far which is pretty fun (except when it is rally hot and sunny). On Friday we went to three different schools and did presentations there. We got to talk to some of the kids. Then on Saturday we went to Pha Taem and did a two-mile hike along the cliffs and saw the 3000 year old cliff paintings, which was very interesting. August

I can’t believe we only have nine days left on our project! It has gone by so fast! On Friday we got the opportunity to go to three different schools and do our presentation for them. I loved seeing the smiles on their faces! Nellie 

There is a little 11 year old boy that lives somewhere around the neighborhood we are staying in that comes around at about 5:00 every day, which is when we have had free time. He brings an English book and I get the English to Thai book we have here and he teaches me Thai and I help him pronounce English words and it’s fun. Eli

Hey! I hope life is good at home. It’s aright here. Thailand is pretty cool. We can’t really understand mot of the stuff they say but we try. We get to play with the neighbor kids every day and that’s awesome. We got to go to Pha Taem and I got lots of pictures. Love you guys and miss you lots. Lauren

Thailand has been great. I love playing with the kids. I’ve learned a little bit of the language too, so its fun to say hi and thank you. Aric

I’ve gotten to be in every single puppet song and almost all the dramas and I love it! Perhaps. Ethan

The scenery is beautiful. The company is more or less good. I dislike wearing socks. Bethany

Thailand is great! It’s really hot, but we get to tide in the pack of trucks to go places and it’s super fun! We also got to go shopping and there are fruit stands that sell cold fruit and it’s the best thing ever! Anika

I’m doing good! Thailand is beautiful. The people are wonderful and it has been wonderful working with kids. Abby

Just a bit past the half way mark of our time in country. It has been going well and has been enjoyable. The work is good and the food is amazing. I have tried a couple different types of sticky rice and tried new fruits. The team has been functioning well together and I have been enjoying getting to know my teammates. We have gone to several different schools and churches and have had fun with the kids. I can’t wait to tell about all that has been happening when I get home. I love and miss you all and hope you are having a great summer. Anna

Thailand is awesome. The people here are really nice and friendly. We got a lot of work done so far and we have visited some schools and played with kids. God has been helping us a lot; giving us strength and giving us a really good team and leaders. Lane

Hey y’all! We are doing great here in Thailand. Praise the Lord for found baggage! It came within the first week being here, thankfully. Thanks for all your prayers. I’ll see y’all soon.  Bizzie

Mr. Richard was talking to one of my teammates about listening to God and how to listen better.  We were at the market and I saw a homeless man on the side of the road. I gave him some spare change and a coin with a verse on it. It was a challenge because I was scared and nervous to walk up to him. But God’s strength I was able to do it!  Jaedyn

Hi! I miss you all. We got to go shopping during a rain storm and open air market. Michaela

It’s sad that our time here is almost done. Time has passed so quickly. The Thai people are very kind and understanding towards us and have been very helpful. The work has been good and although some of us are struggling with sickness we are not bad. The kids we play with and do presentations for are so cute and sweet. We have fun and seem to be a good team. Hannah W.

During travel days, we lost 25 of our 38 bags but God got them to us a few days later. Garrison

Here in Thailand it’s been an awesome experience so far. What I like most is the kids and playing frisbee and they are good. As well as we went to a church and we were part of communion. Love you Sydney, Delaney, mom and dad.  Dylan

I love it here! On Sunday after church, we drove to an open air market. The market was mostly food, but very cool to see what was sold. Please pray for our team’s health. Som have been sick. Pray for a fast recovery! Oh, and I miss my dog! Peace. Sami

Hi everybody! Thailand is super cool! We’ve had a lot of Thai food and we got to go on a really gorgeous hike at Phablets Team National Park. Thanks for praying for the team! Lots of Love! xoxo  Ellie


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