A Productive Zambia Team


Each of our projects are continuing here in Kuboto Village.

The soccer field clearing has seen many triumphs including a number of stumps and yesterday a large scrub bush/tree  on a termite mound. We showed the two-hour Jesus Film in the Bemba language on Saturday night to a crowd of about 300 including more adults than the other nights. 

On Sunday the team enjoyed a well-deserved rest. We walked into a nearby church that was made of mud bricks, gum poles and tarps. The church members were full of joy and worship was lively. Saw and Autumn did a great job sharing testimonies. The team also did music, puppets and a drama. Evan shared a Bible study before the service  and Mr. Steve gave the morning sermon.

The Team spent extra time working on memory verses in the afternoon and held a team quiz.

We resumed work yesterday on drilling after installing the bearings sent from the main base in Ndola. We pushed through water/sand and soft clay to a depth of about 38 feet. At that point we needed more water, but after a pause in drilling, we were unable to resume circulation. We then tried to remove the rigging pipes and drill head but they are stuck. We plan to try again this morning, so we’d appreciate your prayers for that.

Hi friends and family! Thaddeus here! Yesterday we had the opportunity to experience an African church. You don’t need an elegant chapel to praise the Lord! They are amazing singers. The team is naturally becoming very close and we’re already making plans to stay in touch. We even have a list of inside jokes already. We’re about to continue drilling and clearing. The time here is flying by and we are very thankful for the opportunity. Thank you very much for the support and prayers!! Love you all!


  1. How thankful we are to hear that things are going well, and especially to hear about your team’s love for one another and unity. How awesome it is that you could experience the joyful worship of these new friends! May the lord continue to empower, guide, and protect you all.

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