The Honduras Team Is Preparing to Travel

Greetings from the Honduras Team! We are happy to say that we have finished our work and evangelism projects for the Santa Cruz TMI base! They had their last work time on Saturday morning and then the afternoon was a relaxed time of cleaning up and playing some games!

Sunday morning we went to a different church from the previous week and so the team gave their presentation again. It was a crowded space but the team figured out how to make it work. Afterwards, they began to just informally talk to the kids and ended up having a great time. Sunday afternoon we had a mandatory nap time (some people opted to read their library book instead), and then had Bible quizzing practice with the memory verses.

Monday was clinic day so as a precaution before we travel to La Mosquitia, everyone who had ever been sick was taken to the clinic to be tested. Praise the Lord, everyone was healthy!!!)

The weather has been lovely … we have been very thankful for a little extra rinse for our clothes everyday.

We asked the team members to write about their time so far, so here are the first answers: “The  Honduras TMI base has been awesome. The weather is similar to where I live so I adapted easily. THE BATHROOMS ARE CLEAN!!!!! I love the Honduran food too. The running water is a nice thing to have even though we have to use it sparingly.” Kaden G.

“So life in Honduras has been great. The scenery here is astounding. The food here is amazing and ministering to the people of Honduras has been a life changing experience! Jasmine C.

We plan to pack out on Tuesday and go to the La Mosquitia TMI base on Wednesday! Lord willing, we will be able to start our work and evangelism on Thursday! We will be going out on the motorboat and visiting villages to spread the love of Jesus!!

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  1. Outstanding how God is Watching over and Protecting each of the Team Member
    The Trip Sounds Awesome with Great Experiences!
    Thank You for the
    Updates! Love in Christ Jesus!

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