The Malawi Team Is On The Move

The Malawi team has been very busy. We are blessed to have a group of kids who have learned to be flexible and adjust to the ever-changing conditions! The days are warm enough to take our jackets off, but the nights can get down to 41 degrees. We have learned some creative ways to keep warm (like using our ponchos as the top blanket). 

We finished up the medical/eye clinic on Friday and started building benches for their tabernacle/school. We are trying to get 20 benches finished before we leave. We were able to do a presentation for the kids while they sat on the new benches we built.

People trickled in during the weekend to be treated and even though the clinic was closed, we could not send them away. We treated over 800 people this past week and prayed over every single person that came through (We have written down every need and are praying over them in the prayer closet we run during the day.). There were many cases that we could not treat, but called upon our great physician to heal miraculously!  It has been emotionally draining to not be able to help in the way they need it. We are learning to let go and let GOD show off for we know He is Faithful!  

We are moving out and heading to our next location which is farther into the bush. We have had a great time in team devotions and we are seeing God transforming the lives of these kids. Praise the Lord! Sunday was a bit of relaxing day. We joined a church of twenty behind us and we had a service! After a quick lunch, part of the team climbed the mountain sitting directly behind us. They took amazing pictures and enjoyed the climb. We ended the day having dinner (baked spaghetti) with the men who run the Rescue Unit and praying with them. We are so thankful for all that God is doing here and allowing us to be a part this past week!  We are headed off to the next place. Thank you for your prayers!
“The landscape is beautiful here and the squatties are manageable.” -Abby

“Hi Mom and Dad from your long lost daughter in Africa”-Kayla

“Hey Mom and Dad, I miss you ya’ll!  I love it here!”-Allison”Hi familia!  Malawi is incredible!  I have permanent dirt lines bc it’s so dry here, but the weather is beautiful and the clinic are going well!  I’m learning a song in the Chichewa and I have covered a five gallon bucket on my head like a true African.” -Paz

“Hello Mom and Dad!  We have been staying busy at the clinic and I am loving Malawi!  BTW- it’s my birthday and we are having Chicken Alfredo for dinner.” -Luke

“Hey Dad, other than being in the sick tent and spraining my ankle (playing volleyball ), Malawi has been life changing!  Tell the family I said ‘Hi!’ -Mikayla 

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