The Never Ending Adventures Of The Madagascar Team

The Madagascar team is getting into the swing of things. Thursday and Friday we worked on the bridge for an hour or two and then continued with more motorcycle training on the bikes here, getting used to them and the different terrain. There are pockets of sand on the dirt roads that they need to get used to. They also worked on their presentation to be practiced and ready. Saturday was the big event – going out on the first Sunday School Circuit!  Everyone was excited to finally get to experience being part of it and getting to play with the kids. They really enjoyed it and are looking forward to doing it again!

Saturday night we played some games with the BMW students and a fun time was had by all. Sunday we went to our first church service in Madagascar. It was a very small church with tin walls that was only a 10-minute walk from the base. Liva (our head male leader and base coordinator) did the preaching in English and his wife Nomena translated into Malagasy. After church, we went to a hotel restaurant with a buffet where some other westerners go, and we were also able to swim in their pool.  It was a relaxing, enjoyable day.

The weather has been a bit warm in the day (around 85 degrees), but so much nicer than Boot Camp! It’s dry season, so the much lower humidity really helps. At night it cools down and gets really comfortable (around 73 degrees).  Some team members even get cold enough to use a blanket or sleeping bag—which they are happy about, while those who love the cold say that’s just perfect. 

Everyone is interested in the classes and what God can teach them through Bible study and maturity classes, and of course through their morning devotion time. They want to see how God can use it to impact their work here. They are looking forward to whatever God will bring for the rest of the summer.
(Everyone says “Hi Mom!” (and Dad)).

Web Testimonies:
Hello everyone! Madagascar has been a wild experience! Riding the motorcycles is awesome and visiting the villages is even more incredible. We’ve only been to one, but playing and singing with the kids is incredible!  I can’t wait to see what else God has for us. I love my team! I miss everyone back home too. Loving Madagascar!  – Lexi H.

Hey everyone! I’m not dead yet and I’m having a ton of fun. The bikes are so much fun and I love the kids and the sand is a ton of fun to drive through and everyone is doing great. Bye guys :). – Broden W.

Hello everyone! It is so amazing to finally be in Madagascar. It is so beautiful here and being able to see the culture is awesome. God is teaching me so much through everything our team has been going through and I am so excited to see what He is going to do with us. I am feeling pretty comfortable on the bikes and everyone is doing pretty good. I love and miss you family and friends.  – Love, Sage W.


  1. It’s so wonderful to hear the updates and to see what God is doing with His faithful as they seek Him. I’m so excited to see and hear about the journey my daughter Noelle gets to be on. Daily in prayer for everyone <3

  2. Team Madagascar you are all a bright shining light in a world far away from the things in the USA. May each of you be encouraged as you serve others with the Good News. Praying for the seeds of Life that each of you plant for Our Savior! Thank you Holy Spirit as you lead & guide each one.

  3. Hi Madagascar Team – you are awesome! Praying for you all each day. Praising our Awesome God for all His accomplishing through each one of you. PTL! You are precious in Jesus!
    Joe Vile

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