Hello From The Sunshine State

The team has been working hard. We cleaned out a room and it is now ready to be painted, which we will do this week—they are super excited to paint. Friday night we went to the beach for dinner and swimming. They enjoyed swimming in the ocean. We also had a time of worship, thanks to one of the leaders who brought along their guitar.

Saturday we did another sightseeing day and went to Kennedy Space Center, which they all enjoyed because they got to learn more about the space program through the hands-on exhibits. One of their favorite things to do was the Lunar Landing Module, which was a computer simulator that let them experience a little bit of what it’s like to be an astronuat bound for the moon’s surface. We spent almost all day exploring, but did not get to see everything (as there is a lot to see and do there).

Sunday we were able to go to the church that two of our leaders attend, and it was the first time a Teen Missions team has ever done a presentation there. The Pastor kept on telling them they did a great job and wants another team to come again next year. They did songs, a drama and puppets, which they had worked hard to learn during Boot Camp.

On Monday morning we were able to go to House of Hope again. When we told them Sunday night that they had to get up super early (5:30) they were not too excited, but after we told them we were going back to House of Hope they all cheered with excitement. Most of the time the kids helped people carry their boxes to their cars through the use of wheelbarrows. In addition they were each given a turn to help give out the frozen meat and telling the people when it was their turn to go through the line. Even though it was very hot, they worked hard.

It’s crazy to think that this is the last week on the field, the time has gone by so quickly. We will be painting the room that we cleared out, but because the room is small, some of the kids will be doing other projects that we have on property. Hopefully, we can get a lot more done to help the base out, as each project we can accomplish helps with the load on the summer staff. The team is excited to be almost done with the team because they miss home (parents) but they want to finish up strong and get projects done. There has been some very significant spiritual growth and maturity in every one of these kids over the last few weeks. We are extremely grateful for each one of them and for the parents who have given us the opportunity to be a part of their life story.

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