The Uganda Team Is Back In Jinja

Hello from Jinja!

I am sorry for the silence. We headed to Bugoi early Friday morning and it is over an hour away from any form of cell service. Down a long and bumpy dirt road you will find a small village where TMI has a base. There are four staff members who keep the programs running. We were able to hand out shoes and do basic first-aid for three days. Due to having little resources to charge our phones we couldn’t take many pictures. We arrived late Friday night and woke up to pouring rain; what we didn’t know was that our water that we would be bathing, cooking, laundering and drinking with was very low. The rain filled the tank half way up and we were able to all shower and have water to cook and drink with but by Sunday the tank was completely empty. Monday morning we told the team members the situation and their first response was “we need to pray and ask God for rain!” We did just that and on Tuesday morning we woke up to a rain storm. Monday night we decided to head back to Jinja early as Mr. Patrick didn’t have enough work for us to keep busy with until Saturday. We arrived safely in Jinja yesterday evening. Everyone took showers and I think all of us are a little more thankful of the blessing that water is. Yesterday we spent our morning catching up on laundry and getting all of the shoes and first aid stuff organized for our first foot washing session today. After lunch the team headed to the banana plantation to weed around the trees and prune them. Everyone is learning and growing so much, your kids are truly amazing!!

Please continue to pray that everyone will stay healthy. Pray that we will finish our time here stronger then we began, and that everyone stays unified. Pray that we wouldn’t count down the days till we reach home but that each of us would live in the now and be present for these last few weeks that we have with each other!


  1. So glad for the update! Hoping the time in Jinja will be wonderful with plenty of work for the kids to do! Pretty sure we’ll all be counting down the days soon haha! Praying for focused effort for the team, and finishing strong!

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