A Word From The Holy Land Team

Work on our project is progressing. As I write this report, I can hear the shovels scrapping the ground as the team makes concrete. They have to “dig deep” every day to persevere in the hard work that needs to be done. Making concrete by hand is no easy task, especially with the hot sun beating down on them. The patio is looking really good though. Our host, Saba Khader, is VERY impressed with all the work that has been accomplished so far. I have included some comments from teammates below. Hope you enjoy reading them!

“I am having fun here. The view is good. Some days I imagine that David is fighting Goliath. I like going through Jerusalem, especially to the market there. I enjoyed getting my knife. I am learning a lot and I can’t wait to get home! I love you.” Matthew B.

“Palestine is super cool! I really like going to Jerusalem every Sunday. The market is really cool. It’s a really unique experience and it’s super cool! I really like it, it’s really nice.” Baylee A.

“Since being in Palestine, I have grown a lot in the Lord. He has shown me how to let him guide my actions and my thoughts throughout the day, and has shown me the value of reading His Word every day. I now look forward to the designated time to read it and often read it outside of that time. I love the sites and have enjoyed all the opportunities to go sightseeing. The culture and the people are so different, and I love it!” Kenya M.

“Man, the Holy Land has been amazing! The first week took forever and the second flew by. We’ve got a lot done but we still have a lot to do. All the sightseeing has been a lot of fun and the views are great. I’ve been reading through the New Testament and it’s cool reading about faith and salvation and stuff like that. Also walking through Jerusalem is cool. Overall, this trip has been amazing. Life is great.” Spicer W.

“Being in the Holy Land has been super cool, to see were kings have lived and walked and to see, in a sense, the Bible come to life. It’s hot and dry but a ton nicer than Boot Camp. I can’t wait to see what else God has for us here.” Theo S.

“Since I’ve arrived, I have been really enjoying myself. Over the first few days I got a fever and was sick, but my leaders took good care of me. On the worksite we have been laying concrete slabs which has been hard but is also fun. The culture has been very cool. Every week we go to Jerusalem where we barter for stuff. The people selling can be very funny: they negotiate tough and if you pick something up, they will try to make you buy it. Anyways, I am enjoying my time very much.”
Albert A.

“It has been great here in the Holy Land . This past Sunday we visited Solomons Quarries and the Mount of Olives. Our work project is going very well. We have been laying concrete every day. We are having a very good time here at Hope School.” Ben N.

“This trip has made me grow so much. I’m learning how to work as a team, I’m learning a lot of important life lessons, and my team has help me to not be so shy and quiet all the time but to actually open up and be more outgoing. One of the goals I had this summer was proving to myself that God is stronger than my anxiety so that I could hopefully overcome it and that is exactly what has happened. I’ve been pushed beyond my limits this summer and God has been with me, encouraging me every step of the way and that is what has finally helped me understand that I am not a slave to fear but rather, that I am a child of God. My favorite part about Israel are the culture and the people, which I find really unique. God has also blessed us with some beautiful weather. I think helping out at Hope School is really nice and I am so thankful to be on this team.” Maggie K.

“Hi mom and dad. I miss you guys a lot. My favorite thing about Palestine is the view where David and Goliath thought. Then my other favorite thing about Jerusalem is Hezekiah’s Tunnel, that was really fun. The team is almost done with the project.” Cheyenne H.


  1. Sounds like such an enriching trip for all! Praise God for the growth and experience. So good to see pictures and hear comments from the kids. We really appreciate these updates. Praying for your time to end strong.

  2. Thank you so much for keeping us updated . It filled my heart with so much peace and joy to read the personal comments of the teens. What a precious group of hard working teens with such a big heart for the Lord and their mission ! Thank you to the leaders for a fantastic job !

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful reports. I love seeing the pictures of the work sight. It looks like they are accomplishing a lot! It is great hearing from the team members as well and how God is working in their lives! We love you all and pray for you each day!

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