Concrete, Concrete, And More Concrete!

We are almost finished with having the footer of the dorm completely filled with concrete and leveled. It’s a slow process, as the team is hand mixing everything, then carrying it by bucket loads to pour the footer. We have also added some finishing touches with concrete on the pad for the garden’s water tank. Concrete is filling our projects, minds, sights, smells, and everything!

Yesterday, we only worked half a day and walked to a primary school. The team was able to perform puppets, which had everyone roaring with laughter. They also made balloon animals, handed out coloring books, and stuffed animals. For almost an hour, our team played game after game with the large group of elementary students.

We have future plans to get some cultural experience and watch our neighbor butcher some of his chickens. The kids are teeming with excitement awaiting that “very special” day! We also have future plans to visit a few more local schools, and of course, finishing pouring concrete everywhere it’s needed for our dorm project. 

Our prayers have been answered and we haven’t had much rain at all the past few days. Yay for dry laundry! We are continually praying that the weather can remain dry as we look ahead to our nearing pack-out day.

From the team:

Elizabeth G.- Kenya has been a blast! I have traveled about 12,000 miles across the sea to work in more cornfields, LOL. It has been a lot of hard work, but it is fun to see all of the kids faces and seeing God’s work being done. Love ya mom!

Gabby H.- We have been mixing concrete and more concrete! We are laying footers and it has been fun to see our work paying off as they start to finish. 

Triniti M.- Kenya has been very fun so far. The people are awesome. So far, I have weeded a garden and a cornfield, dug a trench, built a fence, and mixed and mixed concrete. Love ya mom and dad!

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  1. So proud of y’all! Praying every day for dry weather and for your mission trip to show God’s Glory through everyone of Our teens. Kim and I are so proud of y’all and the work that y’all are doing. God Bless each and everyone of you. Wonderful job. Love and hugs to everyone!

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