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As of yesterday (Wednesday), we have been in Kampong Chhnang for a week. Monday, the team went out to do their presentation in the morning and came back in time for lunch. After lunch we were able to continue plastering the dorm. The team has done really well with this project and has gotten a lot done.  Tuesday and Wednesday we didn’t have any presentations planned so the team worked on the dorm the entire day. We have finished plastering a layer around the three sides of the building that still needed to be done when we showed up.  Not only that, but yesterday we were even able to start doing a second, smoother layer around a good portion of the building as well. The team’s goal is to get the dorm as close to finished as possible.

Richard (the president of Teen Missions) and Gina Barber visited us on Tuesday and Wednesday. They bought us a treat of coke and ice for us to have with dinner Wednesday evening, but their schedule changed so they were unable to enjoy them with us. The team was excited to have something cold for the first time in a while and were very appreciative of the gift.  

Earlier this morning our team had the opportunity to lead chapel that the Bible school here has every weekday.  Kyrie and Abigail went up to lead us in music and after that, Noah came up and gave a short devotional about facing our fears and being courageous even when we don’t think we can do something. 

Right now (Thursday), the team is currently working again on plastering the dorm.  They have been doing so great at listening to how things are supposed to be done and doing it right the first time, especially since they didn’t have any construction classes while at Boot Camp. Later this afternoon they will go back out on the motorbikes to do another presentation. The team is excited to get back out on the motorbikes since they haven’t been able to go out since Monday. 

We are down to 10 more days before heading back to the States for Debrief. The team has started getting that bittersweet feeling that occurs every summer when they realize the summer is almost over. Many are excited to tell of their experiences when they get home but also aren’t yet ready to leave. 

Cambodia has been an amazing experience! It has such an awesome culture, and the people are so cool. I am looking forward to coming back next year, hopefully as a leader. I am thankful that God has allowed me to be here.-Spencer M.

Cambodia is awesome. Peace out.- Emilie C.

Cambodia has been amazing. I could spend another month here and still not be ready to leave. Here’s a pros and cons list. Pros: the people, the food, motorcycles, everything except the flies. Cons: the flies-Kyrie T.

Hey everybody! We only have 10 days left in Cambodia which is crazy! It feels like we just got here. Everything has been pretty sweet so far. I loved getting to go to the night market when we were staying in Siem Reap. Our ministry has been really enjoyable and we have had a nice mix of work and evangelism. The bikes are tons of fun and I’ve gotten a lot better at riding them since the first few days of Boot Camp. I am looking forward to what else the Lord will do through us in the rest of our time here.-Klystia H.

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