The Fiji Team Has Been Busy

It’s getting nostalgic with only 10 days left. I think it’s sinking in with the team that we are in the last stretch and there has definitely been a shift in the team being closer and really bonding. In the girls group, they have been talking and learning about each other’s love languages and really making an effort to get to know each one uniquely. They are also doing secret sisters, where they wrote down each other’s names and blindly picked a girl to show love and bless. The guys have also been bonding and enjoying their guy time and discussions.

In the kitchen, the kids have taken leadership in selecting line up for meals, as well as making the lineup also mandatory seating for eating so that no one is sitting next to people they know more, but getting to know different people better every day. Everyone actually loves it and it’s showing as they are much more loving and accepting of everyone. 

As for the work projects, there is a lot of progress being made even with many obstacles and delays. New pipes are in! The water pressure is 10 times better now! Water is back for the bathrooms and kitchen, however today they found the missionaries’ house waterline is not working, so working hard to get that done for them as their house has been out of water for the past week. So praying today is the day. Also, the team has been doing a lot of concrete and getting the wall set for posts for the fencing. The team has really been persevering and staying positive these past few days. 

We did have a change of plans with sightseeing as there were coordination issues, but was able to reschedule to tomorrow. As we have been going through James and talking about complaining and attitudes of contentment, it was impressive to see when we told the team that the sightseeing wasn’t going to be the following day and we didn’t know when it would be rescheduled. A few weeks ago we would have seen a lot of reaction, verbal complaining and negative talk amongst the team, but the they showed self-control and understanding. As they are seeing in Fijian culture, but also seeing how other countries operate, we see more empathy and understanding from the team. 

It has also been encouraging to see the team work together on their Bible verses. Those who are up to date will give up their free time to work with those behind. We had the kids do their review on Sunday of all 25 verses. To see many of them struggling, or scared in the beginning of Boot Camp to memorize just one to now them flying through 25 of them flawlessly has been victorious and rewarding for them. 

Lastly, half the team went to an Indian school on Tuesday. The taxi driver who has been designated to drive us places lined up the school because his son attends there. We got to do a few songs and puppets, but in comparison to the last kindergarten school we presented at these kindergarteners were blank, minus a few who wanted to try learning the dances. Apparently, most of the kids had never seen “pink people” before and it was the first time they were shared the gospel and about Jesus. We were able to give them the color bracelets and share the story of Jesus with them. When we left we didn’t really know what was going on because they kids seemed scared or removed, but when the taxi driver told us how we were so rare and what we shared was so foreign and new, we realized how even though Fiji may have over 500 over churches on the island, there are so many that have never been reached or taught about Jesus. 

Although we have a little over a week, God is really at work and it is evident He is using this team to further His Kingdom even if we can’t see or understand everything. Teen Missions for years has invested in the Sabeto Christian Camp here, building much of what exists today. It is a privilege to be a part of that legacy here and these kids contribute to how God will use this place to minister to the people who come and the Fijians here. 

Pray each person on the team experiences God’s love in a new deeper way. Pray as they receive His love, they grow in love for each other and for the people they are around here. Pray for protection over health. Praise God no one has been really injured or sick. There has been a few headaches, mild dehydration and yesterday had one of the guys in sickbay due to upset stomach. But overall everyone has been doing really well physically! Lastly, pray over the work projects that they will be able to accomplish everything and we can leave knowing we did everything needed! 

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