The Madagascar Team Is Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons

Well, the enemy just won’t let up on our team! We had finally got out on our first Sunday School Circuit on Saturday and then Sunday was church and a fun day at a restaurant with a buffet and a swimming pool. Unfortunately, Sunday Fun Day turned into Sunday Night Fright!!!  Nearly the entire team ended up with food poisoning! It seemed to be a nice place and there were other westerners there, so we really didn’t expect something like this. Shortly after lights out on Sunday night, the trouble began. First a couple of people, then come sun up, more people getting sick throughout the day. Some only had minor gastric distress and got off pretty easy.  Others had full on Montezuma’s Revenge! Fortunately, two leaders were fine.  Liva’s 10 year old son was very sick and they took him to the doctor.  The doc just said his body needs to purge, so we figured it was the same for us. Most had enough water loss to really feel run over by a truck.  Some were better after a day, and others not until after two days. Even on the mend, Wednesday everyone still didn’t feel well enough to work or go out on the circuit. Those who felt better helped in the kitchen and caring for other team members. The “Drink More Water!” mantra we harped on during Boot Camp was resurrected to help everyone get rehydrated. The kitchen provided easy to digest meals and foods that help with recovery – including the BRAT diet, Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. Saltine crackers were a great help too.  Missing three more days of work and the motorcycle circuit were pretty discouraging. It’s hard to stay positive when you feel rotten. We kept at it though, especially during sharing times after devotions and during classes, trying to help each other stay focused on God and trusting Him and His plan. Some of the team members are finding verses during devotions that really speak to our situation. We took some extra prayer time for all the other teams out there, and even the home staff who are there to support us. I think everyone has a bit of a taste of what it was like for overseas missionaries, battling sickness and discouragement. At least the weather hasn’t been too hot, mostly comfortable with some breezes.

Wednesday afternoon most of the team was feeling much better, and Liva took them on a prayer walk nearby and to have a little play time with the kids at the school. Thursday we should be ready to go back out on the circuit.  

We really appreciate all the prayers on our behalf from those at home!


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