The Malawi Team Has Moved

  • The Malawi team arrived at our second Rescue Unit, House of Joy, in Mbozi, on Monday. The village is located on a beautiful plain surrounded by mountains. It is much more remote and supplies are harder to get, but the team is doing well. On Tuesday, we went throughout the village talking to the residents and promoting the clinics that we will be having in the next few days. The people have been friendly and welcoming. The kids are very excited to see us and spend most of the day watching our every move, but seeing them dressed in shredded clothing with no shoes and looking through the trash for food has been hard on the team. Several of the team members were able to lead a large group of the kids to Lord as they were playing soccer in a field near the Rescue Unit. Praise God! We conducted medical and eye glass clinics on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday, we crossed the milestone of treating 1,000 people. We have seen a wide variety of needs and have been able to treat most of them. We have distributed several hundred pairs of glasses, medications for many different ailments, bandaged many wounds, prayed with almost every person that came to the clinic, and have been able to lead several to the Lord. We have also been working on building benches for the Rescue Unit so that the kids will have enough places to sit for classes and events here. We are thankful for God’s provision and blessings for the work we have been doing here in Malawi! The weather has been dry and cool during the day and cold at night.


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