A Last Update

Hey everyone this is the last report before Debrief; that is crazy. It has been a great summer with this team. This week the team painted the room they cleaned out and they enjoyed it. There was some of them that had to work on their memory verses, but they are now up to date. We have been practicing on quizzing for Debrief and they have been enjoying it. Almost all of them jump up to say them. Juliana and Sidney have actually quizzed out by saying three verses correctly. They are excited for Debrief and to see the Zambia and Honduras teams. And excited that next Friday they will be going home to see you parents! 🙂 It has been a joy to watch all the kids grow this summer. 

Now a couple sentences from 4 of the kids:
* One thing I loved about this summer was painting a storage room. I got to paint the walls. And I have evidence on my pants to show that I painted.  -Juliana C.
* One thing I liked is that I got to meet so many new people. -Kenneth P.
* We’re having a blast here at TMI because of the leaders and teammates. We do a lot of serving the Lord and work but it is fun. We swim and play games. The best part is the worship every night and presentations for people. -Alayna & Brianna

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  1. Y’all have been hard workers. I am sure the majority of the children are anxious to go home. Have enjoyed reading your reports.

    Love and Blessings,
    Ken and Amelia McDonald
    Kenneth’s grandparents

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