A Week Of Ups And Downs

Greetings from Teen Zambia,

It’s been a week of ups and downs for the well drilling team 🙂 (pun intended)

After reaching a depth of about 35 feet, we hit a cave or aquifer that soaked in all of our water and we lost circulation. We were able to recover the pipes and drill bit however, but with great difficulty. We then moved the drilling rig to a different location on the property and we have restarted drilling, praying for better results. We have reached a depth of 5 1/2 pipes—just over 30 feet. 

Meanwhile, the team is wrapping up the work on the soccer field. Briden and Saw set up the first goal post. The neighborhood children were already using the soccer field last night with great joy! The team has also continued evangelism with all of the tools that we received in our training. Miss Gay enjoyed her birthday this week—Ragine and Dalen even found some local flowers to make a bouquet for her!   

The team is enjoying the stars at night, full moon and occasional fire for team devotions. We are also amused by the antics of the goats and chickens on the property.

We appreciate your continued prayers as we seek to finish well during this last week on our project.

Mattan- Hello world! We are all doing well here. Most of the team have gotten over their colds by now. Remove the drilling about 100 feet in the hopes that the ground will be easier to drill.  Showers are really breathtaking. The team is enjoying the dryness of Zambia after the dampness to Florida. Last night we had our team devotions around the campfire. The moon has been full and bright each night, so we haven’t been able to see the stars. But every morning and evening we enjoy a beautiful sunrise and sunset. At night, we are able to see across the lake and see the Democratic Republic of Congo. Anyway goodbye for now.

Sophia – Hello everyone! This is Sophia! We are at Lake Mweru Zambia! The project has been going slowly and we have had to re-locate our drilling rig. Starting the well all over again. But even though this is discouraging, it has been teaching me to rely on God for what I need. We have no idea whether or not our second attempt at drilling will be successful, but today we have made some progress and are five pipes into the ground. On a happier note, we finished clearing our first soccer field today. The locals have actually been an amazing help. We have many hands helping us. We have enjoyed playing with the kids here and learning from them words in Bemba, their language. God has been doing some pretty cool stuff in our team. Thank you so much for everyone praying for us and God bless all of you!

Robby -This week has been kind of repetitive, we have the same routine every day. And yet it hasn’t gotten old and I don’t think it will. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of Zambia. Even though I may not like the memory verses or all the rules, I’m having a good time and I think we all are. Pray for strength and endurance for the whole team. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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