Hello From Mild Canada

The weather has been ideal in Canada. Daily highs are in the mid 70’s. We had a few nights of heavy rain which has made the road to the camp impassible. This has only created a small inconvenience for the team had to walk to the camp instead of ride in vehicles. We have some muddier boots and our pants make it look like we’ve been working.
Progress continues to be made at the camp. We completed installing the new floor in the chapel and it looks amazing and we could jump around on the floor without concern. We are working on leveling the sagging cabins. This is a very slow and tedious job, but it needs to be done. We have removed all of the appliances and cabinets (that were salvageable) from the kitchen and have cleared it out to the studs so that we can start assessing the damage in there.  Visually we already see portions of the floor that we will need to replace and we need to rewire the kitchen area—a lot of work. Sometimes the work seems overwhelming, but it is encouraging when we can see all that we’ve accomplished so far.

Today we had the opportunity to do an outreach at Luther Place, the local assisted living facility in town. Tim shared a testimony about what God has been teaching him in his devotions and Gabe shared about what we are doing in town.  Most of the residents have spent their entire lives in the Outlook area. After our presentation, the team spent time fellowshipping with the residents and getting to know them, while we all enjoyed cookies and creamsicles 🙂 The residents were surprised when they heard that we were spending five weeks in Outlook. Many had fond memories of the camp when it operated as a Bible camp.

This weekend we are hoping to get away from Outlook for a sightseeing day where we can explore more of this beautiful Province and learn more about the First Nations (or Native Americans, as we call them in the US) culture up here in Canada. We look forward to sharing with you about that adventure more next time.

We done so much good at the camp—building the floor of the chapel and working on the kitchen. God has taught me to put my trust on Him. Even though its hard, I still need to trust Him. – Sabrina

In the past few days, we have finished putting in the flooring in the chapel. We also have started demolishing the kitchen. After we finish, we will be taking out the flooring in the kitchen and replacing the joists, then starting flooring. – McKenzie

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  1. Yippee! Canada Team is working hard! Noticed from the pictures at Luther Place, you had taken your shoes off. Guess it is because of what is stated in the post about your boots and pants being so muddy!

    Be careful leveling the cabins! Looks like all of you have been doing tedious work. Continue to be strong and courageous, trusting in the Lord.

    Love, Blessings, and Prayers,
    McKenzie Parker’s grandparent’s
    Ken and Amelia McDonald

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