Less Than A Week Left

Wow! We can hardly believe that it is less than a week before we head to Bangkok! The plan is to leave next Wednesday, then stay overnight in a church in Ubon. The train leaves in the morning on Thursday, to go to Bangkok. We will be there a few days before flying to Florida for Debrief. BUT before that, we have to share about the past few days!

We celebrated Jaedyn’s 18th birthday with a very chocolatey cake! She was at the beginning of the food line for every meal too! We also had a day that we went to a local market with handmade items, and in the afternoon we went to a Water Park with tubing and great slides! It was a great time to cool off from the 90+ degree weather! 

Last night, our missionaries, Larry and Ou Yarger, prepared a nice cultural Thai dinner with music for us. They gave us each a gift to show their appreciation for coming to Thailand. Some of the other people who have been around and helping us were there too.

Today was a full day of helping the Life Enrichment Church get ready to pour the floor of their multipurpose building, as well as digging a hole for the septic tank. Tomorrow we go back to pour the floor. It was a lot of hard work and we enjoyed the lunch they prepared for us. AND, one of the ladies brought some fried grasshoppers, which most of us tried! They actually were pretty good! Some had to close their eyes though! LEC is a group of house churches, which has really been reaching out to the people in the “boonies”.  

Our painting project is almost complete and we should be done that on Monday. We will have our team banquet on Monday, then start cleaning up and packing on Tuesday. 

The ice cream truck pulls up at around 5:00 PM every day…just in time for supper! It is refreshing!

We are so thankful for the good health we have on the team. We know it is your prayers that are helping! Continue to pray as we close things out and pack up early next week. It is going to be sad to leave the people here, but we are excited to return to Florida for Debrief.


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