The Honduras PT Team Is Finishing Strong

This week we finished our work project! Monday we poured the last of concrete on the driveway amidst the beginning of a downpour. Chris and Alyssa, who had volunteered to stay a little late to finish the concrete, were wet, but it was satisfying to be done.

Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit Pulhapanzak Waterfall about an hour away. The falls were beautiful and the pools for swimming above them were fun and refreshing. Kaitlyn, Nala and Joshua had a chance to demonstrate their adventurous side exploring different parts of the pool. It was a wonderful experience.

The team has been doing some cleaning up work and today helped till and plant a new garden at the base. Rachel and Leah enjoyed planting all the cucumber seeds. Wednesday we had another EV opportunity at a bilingual school. The team did their presentation including the drama “Colors” and 20-25 students accepted Christ! After the presentation, the director invited us to stay to talk with the students so they could practice their English. One teacher invited Rachel to share her testimony to her class. Zipporah had the opportunity to go through the Gospel coloring book with a couple students, explaining about Jesus’ life to them. It was encouraging to visit the school and to see the team mingling with and ministering to Honduran students their own age. 

We topped those two experiences off with Nala’s 13th birthday tonight. For her Honduran birthday, we had a piñata, cake and ice cream, some games and cheesy prizes and some creative birthday gifts! The team and Nala loved it!     We are looking forward to some more opportunity for EV in a village nearby, and to see how Lempira’s day is celebrated in Honduras (the 20th), before we pack up and head back to Florida on Monday….

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