The Honduras Team Made It To La Mosquito

  • Yea! Praise the Lord, we have made it safely to La Mosquitia! July 17th was the big travel day! We had bedtime at 8 pm the night before because wake-up was at 3 am! We loaded our things onto the truck at 3:30 and drove over to the other side where the bus was waiting. We loaded the bus and then left at 4 am. Most everyone slept for the first three hours. We arrived in Tocoa at 11 am where we transferred our things to the two pickup trucks that were waiting for us. Everyone was excited that we got to eat lunch at Wendy’s! Then we squeezed onto the trucks for the final four hours of the trip that got us to the edge of the water – right between the ocean and the river. Then we loaded all of our things onto the two canoes that took us just five minutes across the river and to the Teen Missions base in La Mosquitia. Thank you all so much for your prayers, there were absolutely no problems in our travels!

So, everyone just got settled in and had a quick dinner and then off to bed. We slept in a little bit and then got going on the day. Half of the team stayed at the base and began on the work projects while the other half of the team practiced for the presentation they would give that afternoon as they went out with the circuit riders to the first village. Each day, they trade so both groups get equal time working and evangelizing. The work project so far has been painting, but when they finish, they will do other projects. Criss was on K.P. and he was so good at making up some delicious meals that the team has decided he should be a chef!

Here in La Mosquitia the weather is different! It is more humid since we are right on the ocean, it is very hot, and it rains almost all of the time! It will just start pouring down rain, and then a few minutes later it stops! So, that makes it hard for clothes to get dry, but we are learning new places to hang clothes so they are out of the rain!

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