The Adventures Of The Canada Team

It’s a beautiful day in Canada, eh?

It’s a relaxing Sunday afternoon for the Canada Team. We are discussing today’s church service, snacking on food that they team picked up on yesterday’s trip to “the city”, and working on finishing up our final verse review for the summer.  

These past days have been full and exhausting at the same time. Friday, we were excited to feel like we are nearing completion on one of our cabin renovations. We have leveled it and installed a new front porch. The chapel floor is complete and has become the work area when occasional rain showers roll through. Another group of team members have been working diligently on assessing the extent of the water damage that has occurred on the dining hall. Rotten floorboards have been pulled up and supplies have been purchased to begin to repair these weak areas next week.

Saturday, the team had their first “sightseeing” day. We drove up to Saskatoon and visited the Wausukian Heritage Center. This is a museum dedicated to the First Nations people who lived in this area years ago and their culture.  Unfortunately, as we pulled into the parking lot we noticed that it was virtually empty and almost 75% of the museum was under construction. The team was a little disappointed; work is hard and the  that there wasn’t much for them to see or experience, but they made the best of the visit and explored the beautiful grounds. After the visit to the Heritage Center, we made a quick stop at Costco for lunch. Some team members enjoyed poutine from the food counter while others had some of the lunch that we had packed for ourselves. After picking up a few food-related souvenirs from Costco, we decided to travel another hour north to visit Batoche National Historic site (per the recommendation of one of our local Canadian board members). We were all pleasantly surprised to really enjoy this location. Batoche was a Metis (a recognized specific group of people who were intermarried between French trappers and First Nation people) settlement on the banks of the Saskatoon River, which experienced a difficult battle to defend their land and their way of life between the town people and the Canadian Royal Army in 1885. The team enjoyed “stepping back in time” to 1885 and walking throughout the preserved buildings and listening to the interpretive tours through the buildings. After our visit to Batoche, we all traveled back to Saskatoon because our leaders needed to pick up some supplies from Home Depot and Walmart. While the leaders shopped, the team took the opportunity to do some shopping at Walmart (which is MUCH bigger than the small convenience stores they are accustomed to visiting in Outlook) and picked up some much-needed souvenirs. We were excited to discover that Saturday was July 20th & that is the anniversary of A&W’s founding, so the A&W in the Walmart parking lot was giving away free root beer.  Everyone enjoyed a refreshing drink before returning to Outlook. We pulled into town right before dark and everyone was exhausted after such a full day.

Today the team visited Bethlehem Lutheran Church. The church body was excited to have the team visit and they hosted a soup and sandwich social after church where the team fellowshipped. Gabe shared a testimony about Teen Missions, Grace shared about our team specifically and Will shared about the work we have been doing at the camp.  The team performed a drama, which was well received. At the end of the presentation one of the church members came up and thanked the team for their helpfulness. Earlier this past week she was at the dump unloading a very heavy trailer of stuff when some of our team members arrived with their own load of trash and quickly dropped what they were doing and come over and helped her unload her load. It was encouraging to hear the community recognizing our presence here. 

We have two weeks left here and we are beginning to focus on what projects we hope to complete before we leave.  We realize that there is more work that needs to be done here. We are putting invitations out to the community to join us at the camp Sept 1-5 as we have an adult/youth work week. We would love to have any of you who are reading this join us then too.

A word from the team:
Hello all! Canada is nice, the work is hard and the poutine is plentiful. We are getting a lot done and the camp already looks so much better. Continue to pray for my team, leaders and me. I love and miss you family, Blake and supporters.  – Elena

Hey ya’ll!  Thank you for the prayers. We have had lots of fun. We have been to the pool and have done things with the churches in town. I have learned a lot about leadership and trusting God this summer. Love and miss you family.  – Claire

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