The Lost Report From July 14

Hello from the TMI base in Ndola, Zambia!

This will be our last report from the base. Tuesday we leave and head to Lusaka, a five-hour drive from here. Wednesday, we will drive to Livingston/Victoria Falls. Thursday and Friday, we will visit there. Saturday, we will drive back to Lusaka and on Sunday we will start our flights back to the US.

The team finished their sidewalk on Wednesday evening, July 10. On Thursday, they helped the students work on the sidewalk that the students had started. They were able to get half done by the end of the day.

Cissie led the evening devotions on Thursday, Mayah led them on Friday and Tamzin led demos on Saturday. Our Thursday KP was Abbie and she was a big help as we prepared a special dinner for our host missionaries and their families.

Saturday morning, one the Circuit Rider Sunday school classes from close by came to the base for their classes. The team was able to present the Gospel using music, drama, puppets and the Wordless Bracelet. Bekah gave her testimony and Tamzin explained the meaning of the colors on the Wordless Bracelet. Then Tamzin, Sadie and Ellie sang a song they learned in Peanuts about the Wordless Bracelet.

In the afternoon, the team went out to another Circuit Rider Sunday school class to share again. Today the team went to Christ Community Church and gave their presentation during the beginning of the church service and Bekah shared her testimony. Then the team went to the Children’s Church where the team shared in drama, puppets and songs.

Monday we will pack up for our travels home. Please pray for safe travels as we go sightseeing and travels back for Debrief.

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