When God Has Different Plans

Greetings from a windy Zambia!  We anticipate that today will be a breeze. The team members got to experience strong winds overnight with the wind blowing some tents down. Some laid awake listening to each wind gust and some slept through the storm like Jesus in the boat 🙂

The team finished clearing the soccer field on Friday and we had our first official game with the nationals. It was amazing! The neighborhood kids have been coming every day to use the field. It’s a blessing to realize that it will be put to good use for years to come, giving the kids a safe place to play at the same location where they are hearing God’s Word. Just yesterday, Gabe and Malachi were playing soccer with the kids and then they started memorizing the team members’ verse cards in English and Bemba with the help of one of our national Teen Missions’ staff.

The team was able to get 5 1/2 pipes down at the new drilling location on Friday, so just over 35 feet before some fittings failed on the outlet of our pump. A welder came to work on repairs this weekend and we are hopeful that we will be back up and running this morning. 

The team enjoyed an amazing outreach trip to a village about 30 minutes away. They sang in the truck along the way and upon arrival, gathered a crowd of about 300+. We played games for a while on the soccer field before giving a presentation. Ragine and Malachi did a great job sharing testimonies and many prayed to receive Christ when Oscar, one of the Teen Missions staff, presented the Gospel and gave an invitation in Bemba.

On Sunday we attended a different church where team sang Amazing Grace and Sarah played the violin which the church members enjoyed hearing. 🎻 After church, we had a restful day and the team worked on verses and held a quiz.

Hello everyone, I’m Brendan and I’ve been having a really good time so far. We finished clearing the soccer field and it’s already being used a lot. There are a lot of kids there who love to play the games and watch the presentations. Yesterday, we went to a church service where they had a very good choir. It was fun to listen to their style of music. Overall it’s been a really cool trip.

Hey what’s up? It’s Johnnie here. So the last few days of been fun and productive in terms of evangelism. But it hasn’t been so productive on the drilling rig because we ran into another obstacle. So now we’re waiting on some parts to arrive God willing. But it’s been pretty cool getting to hop on the back of the truck and driving to different locations to do EV. I think this team has been growing and getting closer together and to God through our GGs and devo sharing time. On Saturday we went to the first off base location to do some evangelism and we did just that, but there were a lot of kids—probably more than we’ve ever had, but thank God we were able to get them under control with the help of the Zambian TMI staff and we played some games and did some songs. And at the end of our program, one of our Zambian staff prayed the sinner’s prayer and many people received Jesus which was a blessing to be a part of.

Hello, Autumn here. On Friday I was working on the rig and digging out ‘marshmallow’ (clumped cuttings) out of the pit. But the pump broke and now we have to get a new piece, which may take a few days. But we got the soccer field done and got to use it. The kids had lots of fun playing on the new field. On Saturday we didn’t have much to do because the rig broke and the soccer field is done, so we went to a different part of the village to do EV. The kids had fun playing games like “Do As I Do” and “Sharks And Minnows”. Then we got into singing order and did a couple of songs and a drama. On the truck ride back, our translator taught us some Bemba. On Sunday everyone got dressed for church and after breakfast we started to walk to church. We sang Amazing Grace with the violin. We got to listen to the church singing. They sound very beautiful and lively. After dinner I found one of the baby chicks in the trash pit and I returned it to its mother. It’s also an enjoyment to watch the goats play. I woke up this morning and half of my tent was collapsed. Also, I didn’t get any sleep last night because of the wind. That’s all for now, BYE!

Hi, my name is Drew! I’m from Nevada. We went to church yesterday and it was great! They spoke in Bemba and I couldn’t understand it. On Saturday we took a truck down to do EV (evangelism) and on Friday we played our first game with the nationals on our new soccer field. The kitchen was preparing good food all week and I really appreciate them. On Monday morning no one got sleep because it was super windy.


  1. We love seeing those smiling faces in the updates, knowing the team is growing in Him and serving well–and having fun, too! There may be challenges, but clearly God is at work. Praise Him! (Joshua’s grandma.)

  2. What a joy to see the smiling faces of the nationals and the TMI kids! It is such a blessing to see how God is working in precious lives there! I am so grateful for the bonds He is forming among the team members. Undoubtedly it is one that will last a lifetime!

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