Our Last Week In Ecuador

These past few days have been very fun and we are excited to share with you all about them. Thursday and Friday of this past week the team was out on the work site. They finished up with putting down the foundation of the pavilion and also finished the concrete footers. The team enjoyed working with the concrete and laying down their tied steel.

The team also really enjoyed all the Ecuadorian people they got to work with. This includes Julio, who had his birthday on Friday! The kids all chipped in to buy him some chewing gum, which he loves! Mr. Ernesto, our host, also had his birthday on Thursday and the kids worked together to make him a birthday card which we all signed. The kids have loved getting to know these people and form relationships with them. 

Saturday was a more relaxing day once again. We slept a bit later than normal and after our personal devotions, Mr. Tanner and Justin took the team on a hike through the mountains behind where we live. They all had a fun time and got some awesome pictures! The kids also did their verses, quizzing, and laundry that afternoon. Then that evening we had a team game night! We played a game where you go around the circle as a certain animal and try to make people laugh or smile. Then we played “Never Have I Ever”. The kids all had a good time, as did the leaders! These past few days we’ve had Nevaeh and Ryan share at evening devotions. We’ve also sang some new songs which we have all enjoyed! Before we leave, we want to do a worship night together. 

Yesterday, Sunday, was a jam-packed day full of fun! In the morning we woke up and had our library reading time, breakfast, and personal devotions. After this we headed to the bus stop and made our way to La Paz Church. We enjoyed a nice service there again. The pastor spoke on marriage and Melissa C. translated for us again, which was great!

After church we headed to a local mall in Manta, called the Pacifico Mall. It’s a big four-story mall right across from the Manta beach, which is a very popular spot! The kids all enjoyed buying themselves something for lunch in the food court! We then looked around at the shops before walking over to the beach. Once we arrived at the beach, we split the team and half and we went on boat tours! This was so much fun and for some of the kids, their first time on a boat! The weather was nice and sunny for our ride! After finishing our boat rides it was time to head home. So we walked thought the city and headed towards the bus station. On our way, we stopped in front of the Manta city sign and took some pictures! We also visited a fun park where there were lots of birds and iguanas sleeping in the trees.

Once we got home we had a quick dinner, prayed as a team, and went off to sleep! It was a full day, but everyone enjoyed themselves. And everyone slept super well too! This morning the team headed back to the work site to finish as much as they can on the pavilion. It seems to be hitting the kids that this is the last week here. They all are having different emotions about it.

This evening the kids have an invitation to play basketball with a local school and they are excited for it! We’ve been told these kids aren’t Christians, so we are hoping for the opportunity to share Christ amongst the games!

Tomorrow is the kids last day of work. Wednesday we will go back to the worksite to enjoy a meal with all the people who the team has worked with. Thursday and Friday will be spent preparing to leave. Saturday we will be on the bus heading to Quito, and Sunday will be spent sightseeing! Monday we fly! How crazy! We have enjoyed our time here so much, and it is a bittersweet thing to be leaving soon. We thank you all for your support and prayers for our team. We ask for your continued prayers as we finish work and begin travelling before too long! 

“What I have been doing is working on a pavilion for people in Ecuador. I have also been working on my verses and reading the Bible and spending time with my team members.” Ryan F.

“Hello from Ecuador! We’re getting a lot done on the project site including mixing concrete and clearing brush, so that the local church has a place to fellowship and learn more about God. Thank you so much for your continued prayers! Note to parents: Happy Birthday mom! I love y’all so much!” Faith P.

“It’s been good so far here in Ecuador. We’ve got quite a bit of work done at the worksite. At the site we’ve been digging, filling in with dirt, and laying concrete.” Xavier M.

“Ecaudor has been great. The project has been going great too. The weather has been great. And the best of all, God has been really working in my life. Missing you fam!” Peter G.

“Hello Yvonne and Grammy! Everything’s fine. We are almost finished with the foundation of a church pavilion and the food is good. The people are nice. Ok, bye Facebook peoples.” Nevaeh

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