A Last Report From The Honduras PT Team

Hola from the TMI Honduras base for the last time. We had a really fantastic week/weekend. Friday, the team had the opportunity to shop at a market in San Pedro Sula for souvenirs. Everyone had a good time shopping and the vendors and artisans we bought from were so friendly and so helpful. Kaitlyn was maybe the most excellent shopper among us, but every team member was very satisfied with their purchases! We had lunch at Power Chicken, a very tasty Honduran fast-food restaurant. It was an exciting experience and the food was delicious. 

So Saturday, July 20th, was Lempira’s Day. He’s a national hero in Honduras because of his stand against the Spanish colonizers of the past. We were able to go into Santa Cruz and see the parade put on by the school children through the town. They wore traditional clothing and played music and we realized that many of them were from the first school we had done a presentation at! Once the parade was done, we joined the kids at John F Kennedy school (because it was funded by his administration) to enjoy a snack and shown festivities. Some of the students who recognized the team requested that they sing “Cada Dia”, one of the Spanish presentation songs we sing. The team happily complied. It was fun and sweet to see many of the kids who accepted Christ again.

We returned to the base in time for a traditional Honduran lunch prepared by the BMW students here. It was delicious, with catrachas and several other dishes as well as a traditional drink called orchata. Two students, Cecelia and Darwin, wore traditional clothes and did a traditional dance for us. They also shared some videos of Honduras with us and the reason Lempira’s Day is so important. It was a great opportunity to learn about Honduran culture! 

Once our lunch was over on Saturday, the team headed to a nearby village called Casitas. We broke up into groups and went door-to door inviting people to the local church, and inviting the children out to play with us. Six people accepted Christ during this door-to-door evangelism! The children joined us in the church yard for a game of “fire on the mountain”, followed by the “hokey pokey” and then “statue”, led by Chris and Alyssa. Jonathan, Nala, Alyssa, Leah, and Zipporah performed the drama “Colors” for the kids and any parents there. It was encouraging and fun and enjoyed by the kids and the team.    

That brings us to Sunday morning; we returned to the church in Casitas and performed the whole presentation for the Sunday school hour and spent some more time playing with the children there. Our times of EV and fellowship with the church here in Honduras have been so rewarding and the team has really treasured them. We spent our last afternoon packing and cleaning and reminiscing, so while we’re excited to return to Florida for Debrief tomorrow. We’re sad to be leaving Honduras 🇭🇳, it has been a wonderful summer here!

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