Fiji Is In Their Last Week

Our last Monday here!!! Yikes! We are all getting ready tonight for a special dinner with Teen Missions President, Richard Barber and Gina Barber, his wife, who just got in this morning, along with the Sabeto Christian Camp committee. So everyone is busy prepping and cleaning up the base and dining hall. Salochna (Mrs. S) bought a pig that they will be cooking and everyone is excited to eat!

This last week has been busy. We were able to get our sightseeing day in on Friday where we went to a small island by a boat. It was gorgeous weather – not too hot! We were privilege to be practically the only ones on the boat besides another small family from Chile. We were welcomed by Fijian music, fresh fruits and pastries and drinks, then after an hour boat ride, got to the island and had a beautiful buffet lunch provided for us. The team got to snorkel, kayak and use paddle boards, swim, walk around the island and play a little volleyball. It was refreshing and much needed for all the hard work the kids have been doing on the base.

Yesterday (Sunday) we attended again the first church we went to called Nadi Brethren, where it was a blessing to come back as it felt a lot like family. We lead a few worship songs and Abraham, Maggie and Penelope were bold and shared their testimonies. We left very full and loved!

As for the work project, things are going according to schedule. The team is working very hard to finish back filling all the holes they dug, and a lot of concrete has been poured for the fencing. It’s been fun having Richard and Gina here as they join the kids at the work site, or in the kitchen with us!

We did celebrate two birthdays on Saturday – Emma Nicole and Emma T.! It was fun to have them in the kitchen and celebrate them. Mrs. S found an amazing Black Forest cake at a local bakery and we got to sing them Happy Bdirthday after dinner. It was also a week to celebrate Emma Nicole, as she gave her life to Jesus and is growing deeper and more bold everyday! It was such a sweet moment when she walked back into the girl’s dorm and announced to all the girls, and the room erupted in yelling and cheers!

We look forward to this last week as we continue to encourage the kids to persevere! The team has been rocking their verses. We did a quiz last night (Sunday), and it was fun to see all their hard work memorizing be fun and get competitive. We will be going to a few more schools this next week, and have our last dinner with the Camp Committee the day before we leave. All in all, it is bittersweet to go back home. We trust God has accomplished a lot through us and in the team.

Pray for joy, love and hope! Pray we persevere and focus on what God is doing and even what He has for this last week. Pray protection and health, also sleep and energy and strength as we finish!

Here are a few words from the team members:

“Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hi Derrick!
Boot Camp was so fun. I want Gwen and Tyson to come to TMI next summer. Mom, call Owen’s mom to tell her about TMI. So far Fiji has been so fun. To get there we went to LA, then we went to Nadi, Fiji. I want to go to TMI next summer. I also want to be on the same team with Derrick!” – Andrew L.

“Hey Mom and Dad! Fiji has been great so far. The camp where we’re staying is beautiful. We are surrounded by mountains and the dorms are great and we are working hard to get the fence up and we already finished putting new pipes in. We’ve gotten to visit a few schools and churches and those were a lot of fun. I’m so excited to see Hope and you guys at Debrief. (I got a letter from her today) and I miss you guys a ton! I love you. Love Emma Cook” 

“Dear Friends and Family. I am glad to announce that Fiji has been a great experience. So far on our work project, we have accomplished digging a trench for a new water system and have built the beginnings of a wall. So far, this has been a great experience and can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get home!” – Simon V.


  1. As an FTMer, I literally broke down reading this last post – it came quite unexpectedly! So excited to hear of Emma – her life will never be the same and neither will all of the team members. 31 years later, I am still moved of the change in myself. I pray God’s blessing and wisdom as you all transition to coming back home. You will never be the same nor will the beautiful people you have ministered to!
    Cousin, once removed, of Emma T.

  2. I’m so happy to hear about Emma Nicole. I have been following these updates and it was so awesome to hear she took that bold step towards Jesus. She is my niece and my daughter, her cousin, is also on a mission to Uganda through Teen Missions. I look forward to reading these updates and am praying for the group constantly.

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