Maturity And Reflection

The atmosphere here has shifted from buzz and excitement to maturity and reflection. Our work projects are basically complete, almost all of the team members have had their turn sharing their testimony/devotion, strong relationships have been formed, and conversations of how our lives will be different going forward have begun. The team has created many memories here and they are eager to share their stories with family and loved ones. 

On the work site, our water tank pad has been filled, leveled, and dried. It is ready for use! Our footer has been filled, leveled, and dried as well with only a few goat prints here and there! We have begun a couple layers of block laying on top of the footer, too. 

Thursday evening, our team walked to a chicken farmer’s house and watched about 30 chickens get butchered. Almost all of the team members dipped a dead chicken in boiling water and plucked it. We then got to eat four of the chickens that night. Some couldn’t bring themselves to eat it and settled for plain rice! 

Sunday, we returned to the Jesus Love Ministry campus and had the privilege of interacting with the children all day after the church service. There were many baby cuddles and football (soccer) circles! We performed all the puppet songs we knew and played all the games we could think of! It was a joyous time and ended with a tearful goodbye for some of our kids. 

During our last week, we plan to finish a few more layers of block laying on the dorm building and to visit two more local schools. We still have some Wordless Bracelets that need to be handed out at the schools. We are also making plans for how to have a pack-out day around the rainy weather, so prayers for a dry next few days would be much appreciated.

Vienna G.- We aren’t doing what I thought we’d do, but I love doing it! We’ve met a lot of amazing people. The no bake cookies are delicious. 

Claire J.- I have loved being in Kenya! All the people here are so friendly. I’ve made some amazing relationships with the children at Jesus Love Ministry. God has really been working through my team I. He amazes me in so many ways. 


  1. What an experience you have had. You have served and helped those who will most likely never be able to repay or do likewise for you—truly the will of God. So thrilled to have “traveled” with you.
    Lovingly, Granny Ann

  2. We love you and are praying for you as you finish well in these last few days. Phil 1 reminds me that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion in the day of Christ Jesus. You will not see all the fruit of your labor but he will continue to work and bring it to pass. We pray that you rest in his power to accomplish all
    His Holy will. We love you!

  3. Thank you Lord for sending this team. Thank you for all that they have done. Bless them Lord as they return home and share you with others. Thank you Lord for Bushop Wilson and Christine. AMEN.

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