The Malawi Team Is Making A Difference

  1. The House of Joy Rescue Unit in Mbozi sits on the side of a hill facing beautiful mountains. The sunsets are breathtaking and as beautiful as the warm greetings of the Malawian people. The Malawi team has been working very hard. We have now seen over 1,400 people through our medical/eyeglass clinics and built 25 benches for the kids to sit on for Bible lessons. On Friday, we laid out all of the slips of papers we have collected that represent the people we have had opportunity to bless. It was truly a somber moment to see all of the slips of papers and to realize that God has used us to touch so many lives with the love of God. Praise God! We prayed that God would continue to water the seeds we have planted in Mbozi and Kasumbu. The Teen Missions base in Chipoka provided us with BMW students to translate for us. They are working alongside of us and have been a tremendous blessing! On Saturday we went into the village and did a presentation for the hundreds of kids that seem to follow us everywhere. The team presented the Gospel through balloons, songs, drama,and testamonies. Over 80 kids responded and prayed with us to accept the Lord into their hearts. The team members are doing well. The days filled with meeting the needs of the local people can be spiritually and emotionally draining, but God is providing the grace to make it through. We are truly seeing God at work in this place! Parents, you have great children and God is working mightily in their lives and is using them powerfully! Keep praying as we travel to our next location on Monday to do our last week of clinics in Malawi.
    “Sunsets are really pretty and we can see the galaxy. Enjoyed doing a presentation in the village.I’m still alive, family.” -Tess
    “Hey Mom and Dad! Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks! Grandpa, Africa is as amazing as you said it would be.”- Hannah
    “Hey Mom and Dad! I miss you so much! Africa is so amazing and sleeping in a duffel liner keeps you really warm ” -Allie
    Dear Mom and Dad and FAMILY! I really miss you! Hope you had a great time on vacation! Africa is awesome and can’t wait to tell you all about it! Your favorite daughter!” -Kayla


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