Last Report From Thailand

Greetings from Thailand! The time has come to pack up to leave our project site tomorrow. We are doing some last-minute project touch ups, cleaning the areas we have been living and working in, and this afternoon we will start to pack our own things. The time has gone by quickly. We had a team banquet last night and we invited our missionaries and a few other nationals that we worked with. Everyone dressed up in their Thai clothing and we enjoy a chicken dinner with peach cobbler and ice cream! A good time was had by all!

As we shared in the last report, we prepared to pour the floor for the Life Enrichment Church’s youth building on Friday. Saturday was a very long, hot day, but it was a blessing that we didn’t have to mix the cement by hand. While we were enjoying having lunch together, a few dogs proceeded to walk all over the concrete! So after lunch, that was the first thing to do, was to smooth part of it out again. All the floors here are tiled, so the team was able to sign their names in the concrete, as it will eventually be covered over. We worked together with a number of Thai men and ladies and enjoyed the fellowship. 

On Sunday, we split up into three groups to go to house churches. Because there are 1% Christians in Thailand, there are not many actual churches around so a lot of believers meet in homes. There are a number of house churches. They are small, but where two or three are gathered, Jesus is there! So two groups went to homes and one went back to the place that we poured the floor. It was a joy to worship with the Thai people—lots of singing, prayers, praises, testimonies and learning from the Word. After, each location enjoyed lunch. The Thai people are very hospitable. One team enjoyed eating ants, and one enjoyed being part of a baptism. 

We will be leaving tomorrow afternoon to drive to Ubon and will stay at a church for the night as our train leaves soon after 6 AM. It will be nice to travel in the daytime so we can see some of the sights. We are planning to go back to the orphanage that we visited earlier, to play with the children.

As our time here is almost complete, we are thankful for what we have experienced here in Thailand. We have had many opportunities to experience the Thai culture and food. We will have two more days in Bangkok and fly back to Florida on Sunday. We leave Thailand the 28th and return to Florida the 28th after almost 30 hours of travel! AND, the team is already praying that our luggage arrives with us this time!

We, as leaders, have enjoyed this summer getting to know the teens and trying to help them grow in the Lord. Thank you for your continued prayers. 

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