The Honduras Team Is Thriving

The team has been doing an amazing job at learning to do on the spot presentations. First, on Saturday night, we had chapel with the BMW students and staff and got to sing a song to them. We went to a church in a village we had evangelized in the previous day, and sang a song to the Miskito church we attended, while enjoying their music as well. After doing everything that needed done, the team enjoyed the afternoon at the beach splashing in the big waves, and all came back with pounds of sand on them. This morning the team presented at a public school first thing, and came back to either work or practice a presentation for another village. The work team has been doing lots of painting on the buildings around the base, as well as painting themselves sometimes. We are all looking forward to this upcoming week and all the different adventures it will bring as we boat around. 

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Personal Testimonies 

Crisstian: Honduras is honestly so beautiful. It reminds me of when I go home to my family in the Islands/ Caribbean. In Santa Cruz I learned that these Hondurans don’t play around when it comes to football, even the little kids are so good. I worked with and learned to work like a Honduran. When it was time to leave it was pretty chill. It was an 11-hour trip, seven hours by bus and four hours in 4×4 (trucks)—it was a chill experience. Coming to La Mosquitia, I heard that people looked like me but I didn’t really believe them, now it’s crazy that I see them. This has been an amazing experience. 

Fanilo: Everything has been going well in Honduras. When we were in Santa Cruz, we were working and evangelizing and that has been going well. We did a good job and now we are in La Mosquitia and we have been evangelizing on a motor boat and that is a lot of fun. Honduras is very beautiful. 

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Kayla: Hi Mom and Dad! I miss y’all!! Honduras is so beautiful! I’m so glad I came. Thanks for supporting me! I’ve made such good friends and my leaders are amazing. The Honduran people are so sweet and such beautiful people. I’m really going to miss it here. 

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Santiago: Got to translate in today’s church service. The team dynamic has become more harmonious overall. The Miskito language is so poetic, euphonious, quick. La Mosquitia honors its namesake: the mosquitos devour us alive. 

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Brady: Hi mom and dad! So, we had to drive 11 hours to La Mosquitia, seven hours on bus and four hours in the back of a truck and it was FUN. So, we went to evangelize the first day. We went to an African (Miskito) church and it was so amazing. So, what I have learned on this trip so far is that we need to be more grateful.  

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  1. Wow! It sounds like y’all are having incredible opportunities to share and to grow. Praying for the Lord to continue to unify the team as He molds each one of you to be more like Himself.

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