The Last Duffel Has Arrived!

Miranda finally got her duffel!!!!!! Twenty days after checking her bag at the Orlando Airport, she finally was reunited with it. Joseph’s backpack, that was checked at the gate in Orlando, is yet to be found. We are hoping to pick it up on the way home.

The team was back out on the circuit starting Thursday. Because of the schedule of the circuits, we end up working a full day on Saturdays and taking a half day off on another day, so we did a little souvenir shopping this afternoon. We are also getting some time in on the bridge we are rebuilding. This week should be pretty “normal”—but with all the other craziness that has happened so far, you just never know!

Today’s shopping outing was enjoyed by all as everyone got into the thrill of the good bargain from negotiating, and found some treasures to bless their family, friends and supporters. Getting out on the circuit and ministering to the children at the Sunday schools are things they are really enjoying. But through all of the hiccups this summer, they have learned that ministry is wherever you are, whether you are doing what you expect to be doing or not. The sermon at the church we went to on Sunday was all about doing the “primary business” of the church – evangelism! It was a great message that was timely for us, an encouragement to hopefully put a bit of wind in our sails.

These past couple of days have been hard, it’s been a constant fight trying to “catch my bus” (my parents will understand!), but the past couple of days I was sick, but by God’s grace I am all better—almost fully 100%!  Thankfully, God has given me the opportunity to go on the circuit three times even when I wasn’t feeling too good!!  But every time I was out, God made me feel 100%!! And we’ve gotten to minister to so many kids, it’s been such a joy and uplifter to see the smiles and the laughs of Madagascar.  God has really been working here!! For sure!! I love and miss you family!!  Love you Mom & Dad!! Hannah & Adam & Aunt T!! – Miranda S.

Hello everyone from Madagascar. This trip and the last few days have been teaching me a lot about patience. Patience for the bikes is getting easier. Our team has been getting a lot more comfortable on them. Because our team got sick, we missed some days to go to the villages, so now every time we go, I try to soak in every moment of God’s work. I love it here and how contagious people’s smiles are here. I love you and miss you family and friends!  –  Haley C.

This summer has been amazing. I have experienced so many new things I never thought I would when I signed up for Boot Camp. It is great getting to see the people and the culture here in Madagascar, although it hasn’t been a smooth ride the entire time. We have all been through a lot together and God had been testing us all. One thing in particular for me is how I had to check my backpack during one of our flights and the airline managed to lose it. But praise God, it didn’t have anything super important in it. My summer has been a bit more challenging, but God has helped me through it and I have been able to buy some things I had in my backpack while we were at the store and my amazing teammates let me borrow a few other things. Overall, I have learned a lot and had so much fun evangelizing to the villages. Love you Mom and Dad.  – Joseph B.


  1. You are all awesome, adjusting to the challenges you have had so far! We are sure the Lord has some very special plans for you, that cannot be thwarted by the enemy.

    …Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might! Eph 6:10

    PS So glad you got your duffel, Miranda. Prayers for Joe’s backpack 🙂

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