Finishing Their Race

We are so close and running our last part of this race here! As we mentioned last report, we had a big feast with the Barbers and committee. It was delicious and good time of fellowship. As you can see in a few pictures, Salochna (Mrs. S) is quite the butcher and it was fun being in the kitchen under her command helping her cook and watch her cut up the pig. It takes mad knife skills! 

Today is July 25, so we surprised the kids with getting Christmas decorations to celebrate Christmas in July! They woke up to their outdoor dining room decorated in green and red garland and the Christmas tablecloths Teen Missions sent us with. We also got Gold and Red party hats and surprising them at lunch with left-over candy from Commissioning night. They are in great spirits, as they tell their Christmas traditions back home and break out collectively into all the Christmas songs they know while painting. The kids are doing great and staying fun and breaking into lots of laughter!

It got really cold the first day the Barbers came in. We were all bundled in sweatshirts and hoodies. It’s gotten warmer yesterday and today, but still very comfortably mild. We are all very grateful for the weather, especially hearing last year it rained a lot this time of year. It really helps with laundry, since the kids don’t get a chance to do laundry until after work, only allowing a few hours for the clothes to dry. 

We technically only have today, a bit tomorrow morning, and some of Saturday to finish work, and pressing hard to get it all done. Tomorrow we will be going back to the Indian school to share again, but this time with the whole team and for the entire of the school, minus the kindergarteners. We are excited as we were so welcomed and they would like us back. Then after we will finish souvenir shopping as the team did not have much time after sightseeing the first day and we were unable to after the island trip due to time. 

Then Sunday we fly out late at night for another 10-hour flight, with roughly a nine-hour layover in LAX and then another five-hour flight into Orlando. We are encouraging the team to really take in each day, appreciate the time we are together before heading back and to love one another as they receive God’s love each day. 

We have another banquet  Saturday night with the committee again as a goodbye and we will miss them and especially Salochna, who has been such a blessing and servant to us. We were privileged to have so much time with her and enjoy her! Fiji has been such a warm country, and a great time of serving and learning about the culture and people. 

Pray over the next few days God just grips the kids, that they sense His Presence more and more and are intentional to pursue more of Him and what He has for them. Pray continual health and protection over them as we fly back, smoothness over transition, and positive encouraging attitudes throughout the rest of our time. Pray also for the work projects, that they are completed and we can leave accomplishing what we came for to serve!

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