What God Has Taught Them This Summer

Hola from Ecuador! We can’t believe this is one of our last reports. We as a leadership have enjoyed writing these reports and sharing with you all about our team. These past few days have been good for the team. Monday, they went back to the worksite and were able to start raising the beams of the pavilion. Then they left the project a little early because that evening they went to a local high school to play basketball! The team loved hanging out and playing ball with the Ecuadorian teenagers! The team was able to share a song with them all, and also shine the light of Jesus as many of the teens aren’t Christians. Tuesday, the team was back out on the worksite and worked on raising the roof of the pavilion and securing all of the beams. They also worked on clearing a parking lot and other miscellaneous things around the site. Tuesday, they came back to the houses a bit earlier than normal and we were able to accomplish a couple different things. Today, Wednesday, is their last day of work! The team was sad leaving this morning knowing that it was their last day. They have enjoyed their project and especially working with Julio and the pastor each day. Tomorrow and Friday the team will be here at the houses cleaning up, doing laundry, and packing up getting ready to leave. As we said in our last report Saturday, we will travel by bus to Quito; Sunday will be spent sightseeing, and Monday we fly. We will do our best to send you one last report on Sunday before we head to Debrief. The weather has been the same as usual. Cool and windy in the morning and evenings, and hot and sunny during the day time. 

So, we asked the team to write down the number one thing that God has taught them this summer. We would love for these to be shared with the report. Here’s what they said: 

“What I have learned on this trip is that everything I do on my own power is vain and everything I do can’t be to please others but for God alone because it only works through Him.” Napoleon

“The thing that really stuck out to me on this trip is to spend more time with God, and learn more about Him. Also, in devos and GGs, learning about myself. And learning how to be with other Christians and seeing what God can do in other people’s lives.” Johnny

“How my social expectations were false. I learned that it takes an effort in remaining a good example. God has shown me I was losing faith, and that’s not good. I have gotten better in my faithfulness.” Joel

“The biggest thing I’ve learned so far this summer is no matter how bad situation, with perseverance in God, it will be fixed.” Xavier

“Something that I’ve learned this summer is how mighty God is. Throughout this summer, God has always provided for our team. I found the verse Psalm 139:14 during morning devos. This verse is an awesome reminder to always give thanks to God!” Faith P.

“God has taught me that we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. But, we can still love each other and can see each other through the blood of Christ.” Faith B.

“I think God has taught me to be more selfless and how to be more open to people about the Gospel. Also, a lot about relationships and forgiveness.” Jack

“I’ve been reminded that God always has a plan, and He puts certain people, events, and obstacles in our lives according to His plan. When we trust in Him and His love for us, we can make it through anything. Philippians 4:13” Maddy

“Patience and not to have fear in situations where things don’t go my way.” Ella

“I feel like I have seen God’s provision all throughout this trip and I’ve seen the power of prayer as well. It’s been very effective this trip” Ben

“I have learned the importance and power of prayer, and the reality of spiritual warfare.” Jaron

“That although we may feel like we are drifting away from the Lord, that is when He is the closest to us. We just don’t know it. Also our feelings don’t change God’s plan for us.” Trinity

“God has taught me how to handle hard situations—like washing laundry in a bucket.” Nevaeh

“God has taught me how to spend a whole six weeks with a team of Christian people. He has also taught me to read my Bible and to study it.” Ryan

“Something God has done for me this summer is teach me to forgive others more. I would get angry at someone for the smallest thing and it would take a whole day for me to forgive them. Now God has taught me to not get angry at others and instead forgive them.” Rachel

“To open my eyes and be aware of other.” Andrew

“I think the most important thing God has taught me this summer is how to put others before myself and be happy being last. At home I used to be selfish and not care about others, but now I see how it affects others. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you except God. He will always love and care for me when others don’t.” Darby

“He has helped me to trust Him more.” Hannah

“I don’t need to have good leadership abilities to further the kingdom of God. Some are called to be leaders and some to be supporters and followers. So even though I may want to be a leader, that doesn’t mean it’s what God wants for me.” Joseph

“This summer I’ve learned many wonderful things, but something that God has really taught me is that everything has its own time. Sometimes in rushing to get to the next thing, other times it feels like time is slipping through my fingers. I read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and that really got to me. I’m learning that everything had a set time and that helping me. It’s really comforting to know that God has a plan for my life.” Melissa

“I feel like the biggest thing God has been teaching me this summer is my identity in Christ. That this world doesn’t define who I am nor does what anyone says about me but I am defined by God and what He says about me.” Katlyn

“This summer the Lord has helped me overcome my doubts about His love and my worthiness. Surely He delights to give us mercy. His grace is unending, no matter how I feel! In my weakness, He makes me strong. He is the one and only mighty God!” Isaiah

“God has taught me to be very patient with others and to trust that He will see things through. God has taught me to work well with a team and to respect other people’s opinions.” Peter

“During this trip, I believe the major thing God has taught me is that people don’t really need as much as they think they need. What they really need is not in temporary things, but in things which last. Such as the relationships you make with others, and the time you spend fellowshipping with them.” Logan

“Hey! I’m in Ecuador, all is well. I’ve been doing a lot of work like painting the La Paz church, making concrete and translating. It is a completely new experience to translate. Often I have to step out of my comfort zone, like when I had to translate a sermon in front of a large crowd of people. Other times it’s really fun, like when a group of kids did a little presentation about being missionaries and spreading God’s love. All in all, it’s been a marvelous summer with many incredible people.” Melissa

“During this trip for has led me into other people’s lives that I thought would never happen a month or two ago. Julio is a true native to Ecuador, and shows great passion in working for God, and is very encouraging. He has helped us with the measurements and layout of the building. The two churches we went to were very kind in letting us join them for their church service. God has shown me how love is everywhere and among all people.” Logan

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