Kwaheri! (Goodbye)

Our last report written from the field! The dorm building we began with only a footer a few days ago is now 6 courses high! It is incredible to look around the farm and see all of the “little” projects we have completed, blessing the Bishop and his ministry. We have visited 5 schools total in the community around us, and we feel that Kenya will definitely hold a special place in our hearts after meeting all of the welcoming people. As we pack our things and cleanup, mixed emotions are seen all around. Some are sad to leave and some are eager to be in America soon. 

KP and the lady leaders have enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen in order to use up the last bit of our food supplies. The team has enjoyed their creativity as well! We plan to have one last walk to a local convenience store for the team members to buy candy and snacks before we leave. Many want to buy their own bread and have plans to use up any “extra” peanut butter the kitchen may have left over. I think they may be in luck!

We continue to enjoy sipping Kenyan tea most nights during devotions. In addition to serving us tea, we have been given a pit of hot charcoal to sit around at night too! The people here are so hospitable and have been a major blessing to us. We will miss this beautiful place and the beautiful souls who live here!

Kwaheri! (Goodbye)


  1. That looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see it in October and hear all the stories from the kids you have Blessed. Thank you for hearing God’s call to go to Teen Missions and Kenya. God Bless you guys. Safe travels back home and as you prepare to share at home.

  2. I can’t believe you guys are leaving already. Thank you for the time and commitment you have given to work for the Lord. You are blessed and say hi to your families. We will miss yall!!

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