The Cambodia Team Is Finishing Strong

The Cambodia team is wrapping up its time here in country. Today (Thursday) is our last day of work and ministry.  The team has been able to finish all the plastering for the dorm outside of the final layer which requires sifting sand to make it look smooth. Right now they are currently working on bringing as much sand near the dorm as possible.  This way we can make the bases job easier to finish the project after we leave. This afternoon we are heading out to do our last presentation. The team is starting to get that bittersweet feeling knowing we are about to leave but they are also excited to come back home soon and share about everything they have done here.  

The work project has been going slower than at first due to the fact that our cement mixer broke over the weekend.  Since then, the team has learned to mix concrete by hand. It takes much longer to mix this way but the team has had great attitudes about it and are working their hardest to get as much done as possible. The team spent all of Tuesday just working on our project because all of the students that come with us for presentations to interpret had class all day.  

Tomorrow we are planning on going up to a waterfall as one last fun day to wrap up our time in Cambodia. It is out in the mountains they have here in this area and the team is excited for this opportunity to see more of God’s amazing creation. After that, we will start packing up so we can head to the airport bright and early Sunday morning.  

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