Canada Is Finishing Strong

Hello from damp and chilly Canada!

We have been having some strange weather up here in Outlook. Tuesday was abnormally hot, then on Wednesday we had morning rain showers with afternoon humidity what was compared to Florida (ugh!), then finally today has been sprinkling rain and high winds. This has caused us to get creative with our work schedule and jobs that we are able to accomplish around camp.

Tuesday, we had an opportunity to help a local family replace a portion of their roof. The team rose to the occasion and worked hard all day long replacing the roof of a family who has a leaking roof. We learned a lot…since none of us had ever done roofing before. As a “thank you” the family provided us with an authentic Canadian meal. We had locally made farmer’s sausage, poutine from Quebec and Namino Bars (a wonderful dessert bar) from British Columbia. The team devoured the meal.

Wednesday, we returned to work after a morning rainstorm. Four team members returned to the roofing project to finish up the roof, while everyone else worked on leveling another cabin, finishing up an awning we are building over the chapel door and started putting on the metal roofs on some of the cabins. The team is working well together and excited as we’re seeing things come together. Today was VERY windy and it was unsafe for us to work outside, so we did classes in the morning until the wind died down, then we worked inside while it rained this afternoon. David is working on making a sign for the camp. Will and Sabrina worked on building trusses for other much needed awnings around the camp. Towards the end of the day, everyone came together and built the wall for the OC. It was exciting to see that coming together!

We have had some pleasant surprises in our daily life here in Outlook. Yesterday evening Pastor Mac, from the Lutheran church, came and did the evening devotions. He shared about his own call into ministry and what has brought him to Outlook (he arrived in town on the same day we did). We also have had a teen from the Lutheran church join our evening devotions for the last few nights. This has been a pleasant surprise. Ryan invited all of then youth to join us and it’s exciting to see someone respond to our invitation.

The team is looking forward to our last weekend of sightseeing this Saturday. We are planning on traveling to Moose Jaw to explore the historic tunnels and swim in the mineral waters of a local pool that is fed by Little Lake Manitou.  

Pray for us as we enter our last week of work in Outlook. We are excited to wrap up work here and think about how to prepare the camp for Boot Camp next year.

A word from the team:
I have had an epic roofing experience, from ripping shingles up to carefully measuring plywood to be put on the old boards. Then we rolled out the black tar paper over the entire wood boarded roof. We had vents and we tackled them by using our epic measuring tapes to put that paper around it. Then we laid each shingle down—measure, check that it’s lined up. Then tap tap with the hammer as we pounded in those nails. It was hot and sweaty work. But our team was able to do it. Thank God for our team’s safety in doing it. – Peter

Hi mom! Just kidding, adults don’t know how to use technology! Then again, I’ve been away long enough that I probably don’t either. Canada has been awesome! I feel like I know everyone in this tiny town. Our work project has been hard, but we’re pushing through! – David


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