The Adventures Of The Malawi Team

  • The Malawi team has relocated to our third and final Rescue Unit this week.

After finishing our last clinic at the House of Joy Rescue Unit in Mbozi on Monday, we traveled across the river to the village of Chipasi. The dirt roads here are dusty and rough (especially on the back of an open truck!), but we arrived safely.

The Big Bob Hadlock Rescue Unit is located at the edge of the village overlooking the river with a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains. The neighborhood well is located on the inside the Rescue Unit property, so we are at the center of village life. We are constantly surrounded by curious kids that love to be involved in everything we do. On a recent trip through the village to visit a local shop, we were surrounded by a crowd of hundreds of kids the entire time!

On Wednesday, we went through the village promoting the upcoming clinics. At the end, the teens performed a presentation for the kids. They loved the puppets, songs, and drama! When we presented the Gospel with the Wordless Book, about 50 kids responded. We even heard that one of the local shopkeepers was using one of the Wordless Books his child received from us to share his faith with others in the village. In the afternoon, we opened the clinic and had one of our busiest days yet.

We have also been helping to build a brick wall around the property. Even though the team had no block laying classes at Boot Camp, they have learned quickly on the job.

We will continue our clinics through Saturday and then return to the TMI base in Chipoka on Monday. The team is doing well and although they are excited to see their families again soon, they are focused on finishing strong..

Pray for us as we continue our work here for the next few days and travel back to the TMI base in Chipoka.

Allie- hey momma and dad and family ! I hope everything is going great in SC ! Malawi is so beautiful; and it has made me appreciate so many thingsI love y’all so much, and I can’t wait to see y’all 🙂

Mikayla- Wow, Dad this place is so beautiful. Life here has been so insane, and life changing. We had 34 degree weather… just a tad chilly I’m so excited to see you guys, love yall and see you soon! P.S. bring my Crocs! 🙂

Abby- Hey family! I am so excited to see you soon! I love it here though, so you might have to come to Malawi. It is so beautiful here, so I am sure you won’t mind.

Jarey – Today is going great and the nights are very cold and we are building a brick wall.

Nathan – Hi Mom and Dad. It’s been great! I’ve really enjoyed Malawi and would love to come back to TMI again!

Emma- Hi family! We are at our third and last Rescue Unit. It’s been great here in Malawi! We’ve helped over 1500 people. I love it here!

Luke- Hi Mom and Dad, It is colder than I thought it would be considering we are in Africa. Our leaders are amazing.

Reagan- Hey family. I miss you and I’m so excited to see you again! We’ve been able to touch so many lives here and I can only hope and pray that what we do here will have a ripple effect and be able to help so many others. See you soon!!

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