On The Road Again

Greetings from Zambia!

We are now on the road! Beginning a series of trips that will eventually bring us back home.

We were able to see the soccer field completed and had the opportunity to set the poles and rafters on a new Sunday school pavilion. The team also showed three films in the Bemba language and travelled by truck to perform a large open-air presentation in front of 300 or 400 people. We know the team had a huge impact in the villages around us. We also enjoyed sharing in two churches during our stay in Kuboto Village. As for well drilling, it was disappointing to see that our second attempt ended with the same result. We drilled to a depth of about 35 feet and put the reaming bit on, but the water dropped out of the hole before we could finish. Sn underground formation took all of our water such that we could not maintain circulation for well drilling. The geology of that location was just prohibitive for the type of drilling rig that we have. In spite of that, as we look back on our time on our project and feel it was very fruitful and was an awesome experience for our team. We built great relationships with the Zambian staff members and waved to many hands (kids and adults) on the way out this morning.

It was a cool sunny morning as we began traveling today. We followed behind the four-ton truck as it pulled our drilling rig. The team was excited and spent the first few kilometers singing. We followed the coast of Lake Mweru for the first hour, and then along to Mansa. Around 1 PM, the truck had engine trouble so we went on ahead and the team enjoyed our first visit to the big grocery store (Shoprite) while the truck followed at a slower pace due to engine cooling issues. The Bible school here at TMI Mansa is serving us a national meal for supper which the whole team is looking forward to! In the morning we plan to continue our journey to Ndola. It will be a very long day—we expect it will take about 12 hours. We plan to be in Ndola Sunday and Monday and then travel to Luksa and on to Livingston to begin our sightseeing days before heading back for Debrief.


  1. Thanks for the updates! I am wondering if you will be flying out of Lusaka and when. I’m hoping to give my grandson, Briden, a hug before he leaves beautiful Zambia!

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