Hello From Honduras

  • Hola from the Honduras Team!! We have had a crazy schedule these past couple of days, but it has been worth it 100 percent! We went to a village named Mirasol and we had a crowd!! The kids there were so accepting and loved every bit of our presentation. TMI does not have circuit riders there so it was a blessing for us to get to go and share the Gospel through dramas, songs and puppets that tell about God´s love for them!! We also gave the kids balloons, coins with Bible verses, dolls and teddy bears, as well as cookies, candy and Pepsi!! They loved it and were very receptive to listening to what we were telling them. 

Abby:  Life in Honduras is great! It’s definitely a challenge, but evangelizing is totally worth it. I love seeing the kids faces light up when we give them candy or give the Wordless Bracelets. I know God is working in me and teaching me to have more patience and be more flexible, but it’s all worth it. Please keep praying for my team as our time here in Honduras wraps up.

Yensy:  Hey Mom and Dad love and miss y’all. Living here in Honduras has been very eye opening. It’s a lot different from Guatemala, but still very beautiful. The people are so nice and welcoming. I am very grateful to have had the ability to experience this. 

Danielle: Hey y’all, thank you to everyone who supported me and helped me go on this trip. I am happy to be growing in the Lord. Ministering and sharing the Gospel with all the children has really helped me see that life is not all about us, it is about sharing God´s love. I thank God for all my leaders who have helped me in my growth with God, Chico, Mrs. Kathy, Clara, Denice and Matthew. 

  • The weather has been amazing!! It is usually cool and breezy in the morning while doing reading time and devotions! We then move into the hottest part of the day as we are either working or going out on the motorboat. When everyone comes together at the end of the day, it has cooled down a lot and we are back in the cool weather. We usually get a sprinkle or a heavy storm at night to cool us down while we are sleeping. 

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  1. We are so glad that this mission trip has been to you everything that you have thought it would be. We have seen from the pictures that you are having a lot of fun. We are looking forward to picking you up and really hearing about your new battle scares (as we’re sure you are prone to have)
    We love you and pray for you. Love, Grandpa & Grandma

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