Greetings From Ndola

Greetings from Ndola, Zambia!

After two long days of travel on the bus, we completed the nearly 800-mile journey on Saturday afternoon arriving at the main Teen Missions base where our African adventures began about a month ago. The truck had a breakdown during the journey but after prayer and some head scratching, Oscar figured out it was a weak radiator cap seal and a little bit of a plastic helped him close the leak in order to limp into the base in Monday a few hours behind our bus. We were glad to have all our luggage!

On Sunday, we worked on setting up our kitchen and  unloaded our team equipment. We ended up having a service with our team at the base and each of the team members shared a special verse that spoke to them during the summer and ways that they’ve grown. It was a great sermon!

One of our highlights was visiting our missionaries’ home, Doug and Barb Petersen, and on consecutive nights they shared their testimony with us! We’ve also been catching up on my memory verses and working to finalize our Bible study on James and our GG classes.

On Tuesday morning we plan, Lord willing, to head to Lusaka where we expect to overnight at a Bible school south of town. On Wednesday, we plan to finish our journey to Livingston for two days of sightseeing at the border.

Hello! My name is Jarren and I am a member of the Zambia Well Drilling / Soccer team. We have been working hard at drilling wells, but after the first drilling spot failed, the second spot failed as well. During the travel days we might may find a time to finish the well at Monday’s base. On a brighter note, the last few days have been amazing! We went to a village to do evangelism with the kids, and we had a ton of fun playing Lion and Lamb with them. Lion and Lamb is a game like sharks and minnows or red rover. We helped build a pavilion just like the one we had been staying under these last few weeks, and last night we packed up. We’re on the road now heading to Livingston where we plan to have a great time, Lord willing. And most importantly, love you mom and dad and my family and Pea.

Greetings! This is Sarah hailing from Ndola base here  in Zambia 🇿🇲 . We are enjoying the time we’re getting here to rest and recuperate and practice our verses, do laundry and get clean! Yesterday we were able to go to Shop Rite. Praise the Lord! And we also enjoyed a friendly game of volleyball with the BMWs here at the base. Hi to mom and dad and Lucy and everyone else of course! Thanks for everyone’s support and keep praying for safe travels and good health for our whole team as we continue with sightseeing, Lord willing!


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