A Word From The North

Hello from the beautiful country to the North!

As we enter our last week in Canada, it is bittersweet. The team has really been struggling with leaving. We have all bonded in only a way that a team who has been together for eight weeks can, and now we are eager to invest every spare moment we have during this last week to completing as many projects as possible.  

We have had an amazing weekend which rejuvenated us and prepared us for this long week ahead. On Saturday, we loaded into three vehicles and drove two hours to Moose Jaw where we spent the day in this historic town. The team toured the Moose Jaw tunnels where we learned about Al Capone and the Bootleggers and the plight of Chinese immigrants in Canada in the 1800’s. Through live action reenactments, we wandered through the underground tunnels of Moose Jaw. Everyone agreed that this was probably our most enjoyable sightseeing activity we’ve done thus far.  After wandering the tunnels and doing some last minute souvenir shopping, we headed to Temple Gardens, a mineral pool in the middle of the city. Everyone enjoyed relaxing in the warm pool (114 degree waters) and enjoyed the benefits of all the minerals. It was universally agreed that the soak was much needed after the past four weeks and we were all rejuvenated and ready to finish the last week well. After the pool, we enjoyed dinner in the park across the street and then drove home (with a “much needed” stop at a roadside ice cream stand).

Today the team worked a long day. We were able to get one and a half cabin roofs one; Elena and David are working on painting the Wall for the OC and making a sign for the camp entrance. We are putting the finishing touches on the cabin porches and installing rear stairs on the back of the chapel. Please pray for us that we will all stay safe in our eagerness to get the projects done.

We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to share their refections upon this summer with you:

The camp looks so much better then what it looked like the first day. I learned so much, and I am learning so much more. – Sabrina
We got so much done at the camp. It looks so much better now. The sightseeing days were also good. – Will
Hey everyone! This trip has been awesome! I have learned so much about building and learned so much in my devos.  The weather and people here have been great. Can’t wait to come back home though. – Gabe
Hey all! My time in Canada has been fun, challenging, and a big learning experience. I’m learning new stuff about God and myself every day. Thank you to all my supporters for the prayers, words of encouragement and for just being awesome.  Please continue to pray for us in the rest of our ministry and as we travel back. Love and miss you’all family, friends and Blake. 🙂 – Elena
I’ve had a fantastic time in Canada. This team has been incredible! I am a bit tired, but our work project has been awesome too. Please continue to pray as we finish out this last week here in Outlook. Hi family, Hi Karissa.  Love ya’ll and miss ya’ll! – Timothy
I’ve had a fantastic time in Canada. This team has been incredible! I am a bit tired, but or work project has been awesome too. – David
This trip has definitely been a huge learning experience but also a good one. I love my team and I am sad that it’s almost the end. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support; I couldn’t of done this without you all! Also, hello family. – Grace
This has been a great summer. We have done lots of work at the camp; we have a week left and we are still working as hard as the first week we were here. Thanks for the prayers. – Claire
This trip has been a learning and growing experience—from getting over a fear or heights to learning how to really understand how to find patterns in the Bible. Thank you to all the people back home in Savannah, GA, for your prayers and support – McKenzie
This team has really been a new experience for me. I have been slowly learning new leadership skills and growing in my faith. – Caleb
Amazing leadership training. And soaking in mineral waters purifying my skin. This camp is amazing we’re working on. God has been showing me so much.  Praise Him. – Peter
This trip has been amazing. I have learned so much about leadership. Our leaders have put us in situations on purpose to show us what a leader really does. – Kim

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