Madagascar’s Sightseeing Adventures

The foundation is complete! Our last work stretched a bit but we were able to pour the foundation for the new bridge on Saturday, and completed our final circuit in the afternoon. Sunday we left on our sightseeing to a Malagasy national park. In true Madagascar 2019 fashion, our five-hour drive turned into a 9 1/2 hour drive but we made it safely, albeit a bit slowly. On Monday morning, in the park, we had an opportunity to do a bit of guided spelunking and swimming inside of some caves, then in the afternoon, we had a short hike down to an absolutely beautiful waterfall and lagoon where we had a chance to swim, and have a very pleasant afternoon. In the evening, we hiked back up and had dinner, then sat around a campfire and roasted marshmallows. Tuesday, we drove out after breakfast and had an opportunity to stop and did our presentation at a couple of villages we passed through. The people were very happy to see and meet us and very much enjoyed our presentation and we had an opportunity to preach the Gospel. We thank God for keeping us safe through our circuits and out on the road. Please continue to pray for safety and for the people of Madagascar. 

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