Close To The End

Hello from your neighbor to the North –
We are in the middle of a “mini” heatwave up here. This week we are expecting temps in the mid to upper 80’s this week with Friday reaching the low 90’s. The team is drinking lots of water and working hard on their final projects at the camp. Our goal is to finish roofing our fourth cabin today. Today we are hoping that the cargo container we ordered will arrive and we can begin to put the tools and Boot Camp supplies away for winter in a secure location. Elena is hoping to finish up painting the wall for the OC today or tomorrow. It looks great! It’s white with a giant red maple leaf in the middle of it. David is also working on the finishing touches on his “North Boot Camp” sign. The team has already asked if they can work on Saturday if we don’t get all the work done this week. Plus, many team members are planning on going home and asking their families to join us the first week of September for our adults and families work week.  

On Tuesday the team traveled to the Redekopp’s home (former BMW/Staff who are now on the Canadian board) for evening devotions. Mrs. Redekopp made everyone “Beaver Tails” (firebreak with cinnamon and sugar) and we all roasted marshmallows and ate smores. Mr. Redekopp shared his testimony about his time at Bible school and on staff with Teen Missions and how God took them away through a major medical event, where he nearly died. Mr. Redekopp shared about where God has them ministering now in the Outlook community and their heart for Teen Missions in Canada. The team was very moved by his story and continue to be excited about what God is doing up here.

Last night the Outlook Alliance Church hosted a missions night. Our team was the featured guest. We shared about Teen Missions, what God is doing down at the camp. Grace shared about our unique “Leadership Development team”. Will shared about the condition of the camp and what we have been doing. Gabe shared about how God has used Teen Missions to change his life and our leader, Ryan, shared about how God used his mission trip to Paupa New Guinea when he was 17 to impact his life in missions today. Finally, our team did a drama which was very powerful. After the team shared, we had snacks and visited with then church members. The team enjoyed continuing to get to know people in the community.  

Please pay for us as we wrap up the project this week. We plan on spending Saturday packing up and cleaning the house which we have been living in for the past five weeks. We are hoping to get all of these tasks done quickly so we can enjoy one last swim in the public pool. On Sunday we will head up to Saskatoon after church and explore the city and then we will spend the night at a hotel close to the airport so we can arrive on time for our 6 am flight back to the States. Thank you for your faithful prayers this summer.

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