Adventures At Victoria Falls And A Safari

Greetings from Livingston Zambia!

It has been an amazing two days enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. We did a game drive in three open Land Cruiser’s on Thursday and saw zebra, giraffe, monkeys, a variety of birds, hippos, impalas, crocodile and elephants. We also had a pleasant picnic snack on the Zambezi river. It was a beautiful setting. And then in the evening, we enjoyed the much-anticipated sunset trip on the boat. We went up to Zambezi River with the boat to ourselves. It had an upper and lower deck. The weather was perfect and again we saw hippos. We also could see Zimbabwe on the other side of the river and the team was served an amazing barbecue dinner!

Today we visited Victoria Falls and hiked to many different vantage points for pictures. After a traveling lunch, the team went on to barter for souvenirs and then made a visit to the local grocery store in Livingston for some travel snacks.  

Tomorrow we are planning to make that eight-hour drive back to Lusaka where we plan to overnight at the same Bible school that we stopped at on our way out here. Then Sunday morning, we will head to the airport to begin the long flights back to Florida!

We saw elephants! The past two days have really been an amazing chance to see the beauty of God‘s creation. I love you guys. – Mattan

Hey everyone, I’ve been having a really good time. We saw a bunch of animals and Victoria Falls was beautiful.   -Brendan

Hi! This is Joshua. The last few days have been great, especially the Safari and Victoria Falls. On Sunday morning, we will be leaving Zambia and going back to the States for Debrief. 

Regine – My summer was very eventful. We had a lot of ups and downs but overall it was a great team and I learned a lot from it and I hope I get an opportunity to come back. The food and the people and the food was amazing.

Sarah – This summer has been absolutely amazing! Although we didn’t actually get to complete a well, this summer was very productive in that we were able to bring the Gospel to so many people through songs, puppets, and a soccer field, and the pavilion! This summer has been so fun, growing closer as a team through all those long bus rides, and it will be hard to say goodbye 


Sophia- I am so glad I came to Zambia’s this summer. I learned so much about God and had amazing experiences sharing the Gospel with the people here. We all got to try so many new things here so many things here and had so many amazing new experiences. It’ll be hard to leave, but I am glad for the time we had here and for what I have learned.

Jarren – Shalom world! Our trip has been amazing, and I have had an awesome time. I’m sure all of my team has been ready to go home (I am no exception), but I wouldn’t trade the world for these last couple of days. I’ll see you soon family and pen!

Hey guys! We have all had so much fun in  Zambia! We are all kind of sad to be leaving, but we are also looking forward to being home and telling ya’ll all about it! Sending love from Zambia 🇿🇲 Love, Dalen

Saw – Good day everyone! The last few days in Zambia were awesome. I had a wonderful time going on the Safari. The day after the Safari going to Victoria Falls was a little sketchy. I was terrified going across the bridge. But I survived going across and the team had a great time.

Briden- It was a good experience. See you soon.

Johnny – This summer has been awesome even though we’ve had our ups and downs. Thanks to God it was still successful,  productive and I loved it so peace out dog.

Malachi – The last few days have been an amazing way to close out our adventures throughout Africa. We got to go on a nice cruise and see the most beautiful waterfall in the world. See you soon family and Kaden and Caleb and Zayih.

Gabriel- Victoria Falls was chill and I’m ready for my bed. Shout out to the squad! In all seriousness, this trip was eye-opening and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thaddaeus –  Victoria Falls and bartering were so awesome! I got many cool pictures and souvenirs! I’m looking forward to sharing all my stories. I love you mom!

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  1. Thank you so much for keeping me posted! Just keep on keeping on sharing the Lord.
    If you happen to remember the Weavers, please pray for me as I’m having to make some serious decisions re moving.

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