A Last Report From Malawi

On Monday, we said our goodbyes to what we thought would be our last Rescue Unit (Big Bob Rescue Unit) for the summer. We were left with a sense of “awe” at all that God accomplished through our team while we were there. God brought in close to 300 people a day to our eyeglass/medical clinic. We were able to pray and share the Gospel with each and every one of them. God is good! The team would use their free time to play with many children and pass out balloons.

We arrived safely at the Teen Missions base on Monday. The leaders stopped in town to buy the last of the groceries needed for their stay as the team settled into their new home for the week.

Tuesday, we had the opportunity to run one last clinic at the Rescue Unit located on Teen Missions property. We were able to minister to many. We had two teachers pass through who received glasses. When we sat down to pray for them, they both were so thankful to God for their new reading glasses and now they finally could see to teach. Praise the Lord! We had a Muslim lady come through who said she was there to test the healing power of Jesus. So we stopped the clinic and we all gathered to pray for her. We are uncertain if she indeed receive healing, but what we do know is that she felt the move of God when the teens prayed. It was powerful!  

On Wednesday, we traveled to Liwonde National park for our safari adventure. What an excursion! We were able to see water bucks, impala, warthogs, hippos and elephants. The food was great! The kids even got to experience an authentic English breakfast including Irish sausage and baked beans.

When we got back to the base, we had a quick lunch and then we split the kids up into the Malawian Teen Missions teams to experience what is was like. At the base, there are 217 Malawian teens who are going through Boot Camp in preparation for the mission field in their country. The American team soon discovered how good they had in the States even at Boot Camp. They learned that many of the Malawian team members can’t afford Bibles. Because of a This was a powerful and humbling experience for the American team.

Today was the graduation for the Bible school students (BMW). We enjoyed a Malawian graduation here at the base where the students danced up the aisles to receive their certificates and back down and all the way out. It was enjoyable to see all of the excitement in the place. They invited us to eat rice, beef, chocolate cake, and sodas with them. The kids split off into their Malawian teams to take team pictures. They have made friends for a lifetime. It will be hard to say goodbye to Malawi and it’s beautiful sunsets and warm people. 

We spend our last day with Jasmin and Eddie as they stay back to complete their gap year. They will be missed! They have been great leaders and God has used them mightily this summer! We look forward to hearing about their year. Please keep them in prayer!

As leaders, we are so proud of the team and all their hard work–especially at the last unit. They chose to push through even though they felt exhausted physically and mentally. They caught hold of all that God was wanting to do through them as a team and individually.

“I’m officially broke now after shopping day. I love you family!” -Ronan

“My money went a lot faster than I expected. Please bring peanut butter and nutella when I see you.” Jerri

“Hi family, how are y’all? I am excited to see y’all soon. I had great time here at Malawi.” Maylee

“Hi Mom and Dad! Can’t wait to see you soon! Say hi to all my pets for me,and don’t worry, I got you all souvenirs! Abby”

“Hey fam ! I miss y’all so much and I can’t wait to see yall ! Malawi has taught me so many lessons, and I will miss it so much ! Love y’all ️ -Allie “

Hi family I miss y’all! I have so much to tell you when I get home. When I get home I want to do something special with yall! I love y’all so much! -Tess

“Hi family! Malawi has been amazing! I miss y’all so much and can’t wait to see you! I have so many stories to tell you. Can you bring my birks when you pick me up? Thanks:))” -Emma

“This summer with these crazy kids and even crazier leaders have been an absolute blast! Malawi is incredible, the people and the landscapes. So so blessedl. Love ya Mum, Dad and Sammy boi xx” – Jas

“I can’t believe we’re already leaving Malawi! Our time has been so incredible, and it’s blown by do fast! I’m going to miss Malawi and all the people here- I hope I get to come back someday!! Love you family!!!!” -Pazia

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