Holy Land’s Last Report

We are packed and waiting for the 11pm hour when our bus will arrive to whisk us away to the Tel Aviv Airport.The team is anxious to go home and see each of you.I love knowing that each teammate has a wonderful family at home to miss so much! We covet your prayers as we have tough security, long flights, and a sleepless night ahead of us. We will see you all on the other side!

“My experience in Israel has been amazing. I have seen so many things that I have read in the Bible in real life. There have been some times that I have been completely awestruck. I miss my parents a lot and love them so much. But I know that they would want me to continue to enjoy the trip, so that is what I will do. I will continue to live in the moment.” Nathan E.

“So far my trip has been great. My teammates and leaders are so supportive. On top of that, our project is done. We did everything from pouring concrete to picking weeds. We have also gone sightseeing a lot which is probably the best part. My favorite place to visit was Hezekiah’s tunnel.” Selah E.

“I love it here, we get to do so many fun things. We sightsee a lot and get to see some very historical places. I have learned so much. Sightseeing wasn’t the only fun thing we did though. The work project was a lot of fun too. It was really hard but fun at the same time. I have learned so much about myself. I am kind of sad to leave but I am ready to go home.”
Jordan B.


  1. Thank you for the reports and for the great care of all the kids! We really appreciate your effort! You’ve helped give them valuable lifetime memories and built on their basis in their journey with Christ! Hope you all get some rest soon.

  2. Thank you for doing a fantastic job keeping us up to date and share all your exciting experiences with us. Looking at the reports it almost feels like we where with you. God bless you !

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