Honduras’ Last Report

The team has made it back to Santa Cruz safely!! We had an interesting travel day! We woke up at 4:30 am and loaded up the boat and said goodbye to all the BMW students and staff. We then rode for about 10 minutes on the river and then loaded into the trucks again! We then did our trip from two weeks earlier backwards with another  4 hour drive on the back of the pickup trucks and then back on the bus with a pit stop at Little Caesars for lunch!! While on the bus, after about three hours (of nap time), we had some bus mechanical issues and had to call for a different bus! After piling into the new bus we made it safely back to the TMI base in Santa Cruz. The next day we had a day for laundry, Bible verse quizzing and review, and later on we practiced for our debrief presentation.

On Friday, we had our sightseeing day and decided to go the the zoo!! We saw all of the cool animals and got to swim for a bit! We were then able to tour a cocoa and coffee plantation and tried termites – they taste like carrots! On Saturday, we went souvenir shopping in San Pedro Sula and then went to the mall for a wide variety of lunch options and lots of PB & J’s! Today, we woke up and went to church one last time before packing up to head out to the airport bright and early in the morning. The team is excited for Debrief and our last few days to make memories together.  

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