Last Report From Canada

The Canada team is onboard their flight to Minneapolis. The past few days have been bittersweet and eventful. The team worked Saturday morning to get last-minute projects finished up and then returned to the Teen Missions house to pack their own luggage and give the home that we have lived in the last five weeks a deep cleaning. Saturday evening the team returned to the camp to take some last-minute photos and pray over the camp in the ministry ahead. 

Sunday the team attended church and then loaded the Teen Missions truck with their luggage and drove to Saskatoon. Last minute shopping was done at Walmart, Dollarama and Costco :-). We then traveled to our hotel by the airport and enjoyed a long soak in the hot tub and everyone headed to bed early.

This morning wake up came early at 3 AM.  Security went smoothly and the team is looking forward to making their phone calls home from Minneapolis. The team is excited to finish their summer well but no one is looking forward to returning to the humidity in Florida.

Play for us as we enter our week of Debrief—that we will remain focused on our ministry and finish well.


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