Testimony from Santa Cruz, Honduras

We have not doubt that all the activities at the ministry here are meaningful, but this time was special. The students went to do ministry and work at “La Montaña de La Flor”. They were working on the preparation of the campus to build a childrens’ dining house (a place where they are going to eat for free), doing home visits and giving out some shoes and food that we collected as donations. We had a list of the homes we should visit, but on the way, the sister Tiofila (a Tolpan believer) who was our guide decided to review the list to make sure that no home left without being visited. At the time we stopped and saw a small path and she told us that the little road reached one of the poorest houses of the village. We checked the list and that family was not included, so we decided to visit them. We went and found a widow and her two daughters with special needs, with nothing to eat and very resentful with the rest of the people of the village because they felt abandoned. We prayed for them, gave them some food and we encourage them to return to church, since they said they used to go to church but they stopped going for some disagreements. 

In the end, the mother who was very grateful for the visit and for the food said that they would return back to church.  This reminds us that God sees and takes care of those that we don’t even know exist, and some times we need to do a stop on our way just to see the little path that guides us to his perfect plan. 

Serving together


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